Poetry CDs and DVDs

A rare recording of Richard Brautigan reading a selection of his poems, telling stories and an eavesdrop on telephone calls. The only evidence of Brautigan’s voice available to our ears.

Audio CD, Gonzo, August 2016

25 tracks from Los Angeles spoken word artist, poet, and Poetry Super Highway proprietor Rick Lupert including spoken word tracks mixed with music and recordings from live readings. Replete with Lupert’s signature wit.

Streaming Audio, 25 Tracks, Ain’t Got No Press, March 2016

We’re about to take you off the road you expected to be on when you heard the word “poetry.” Sandburg, Kerouac, Whitman, and Millay were all radicals in their early days. They outraged the status quo. The poets you’ll experience in this book and audio CD travel on that same track. The Spoken Word Revolution is a continuation and rebirth of the oral tradition in our country, and in countries around the world, where the power of poetry performed out loud compels an audience to listen.

Paperback and Audio CD, 256 Pages, Sourcebooks Media Fusion, April 2003

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