April 6: Ken Boe

Find what I call a “synchronicity intersection”, or an “inter-rare event”. Go to this place or happening and record what you experience, using as many of the senses as possible.Of particular interest is eavesdropping, witnessing human interactions, or any kind of anomalous activity at all. Synchronicity Intersections are places where people, objects, or other energies come together at anomalous frequencies. For instance, a street intersection which is quiet for long periods of time, then suddenly several cars or pedestrians show up at the same time from disparate directions.Think liberally, though, about what an intersection may be. This is a fairly literal example. Sacred spaces, grids, various types of parks, venues, or disasters may tend to have more frequency, it is yet to be empirically measured.

Inter-rare Events, likewise, are similar but more about temporal happenings, more weaved into social and environmental chaos for determination. Both may be related to ley lines, or other such planetary phenomenon, but events could happen anywhere at anytime.

With NSA technology such as PRISM, or AI “grokking” of ambiguous systems, anomalous levels of anomaly could be determined, and poets sent on emergency scouting missions, if this technology were put into the hands of artists rather than militarists. But if you have access to such methodology, or can develop such, please demonstrate your results after the evidence is transformed into poetry. But also, having plein air painters, photographers, or other creatives join you in this experimental adventure, could prove much more dynamic, and lead to such things as group shows of multiple genre. Finally, take one’s recordings, notes, drawings, interviews, or found objects from your experience and “stitch” a poem together(or other artwork) while freshly primed with the experience, and its myriad contexts. I’ve had several very strong poems come from this type of approach, and eventually I hope to grow this into something bigger – which may start right here.

Submitted by Ken Boe.

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