April 6, 2017: Poetry Writing Prompt – Kathleen Ann Lawrence

“I’m Taking a Mulligan”

Most of us have had the experience of wanting to revise something we’ve said or change one of our reactions, select a different path, make an alternate decision, or just have Lady Luck deal us a different hand. Maybe you like to imagine your wedding day without the hailstorm.

In this writing exercise you have the power of gods and the ability to control oneself in a “do over” of one day in your life. Write a poem about one day in your life or a part of that day that you would do over differently if given the chance. You have the opportunity to retell the day for better or for worse. Describe how the facts and events of the day might change. Tell how the day would unfold differently.

In the poem you might want the reader to know how you would feel with this different scenario, how you might react differently, and what people and actions would change in your new day. Perhaps a deceased love one could be part of this day. Your poem could include an explanation of why this day is memorable. You as poet decide the details that are important to include in describing this “new” day and what would your “revised” reaction be.

The day you select to “do over” could be extremely important to your personal history or just one that you’d like to revisit. You can write about magnificent changes, unique alterations, special events, or the details of a small, specific interaction. You can change the weather, the era, the people involved, the color of your hair, the title of the book you were reading, the beverage you were drinking, how you said goodbye, how angry you were, and even something fantastical like the fact that you had superpowers including the ability to fly away. Whatever you’d like to change to create a poem about this new day.

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Kathleen Ann Lawrence.

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