April 29, 2017: Poetry Writing Prompt – Joan Johnson

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Joan Johnson.

Warm up by reading some poems that address an object or place: for example, Frost’s “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening.. Donne’s “Go and catch a falling start…” or Owen’s : What passing -bells for these who die as cattle?” Updike’s “Player Piano:

Using Onomatapoeia, assonance, alliteration and any other poetic devices, figurative language you can utilize without forcing it, compose a poem about one of the following: A tea kettle, a colander, a field of flowers, a stone, bells in school, a barracks, a cathedral, a musical piece or the musician playing it. When finished decide the best length for your poem and shorten or lengthen it. Decide whether it “sounds” like what it describes. Decide the form for the finished poem: how many lines? Formal or blank verse? Rhymed or concrete? Shape until just right! Read it aloud. Tweak any crooked parts and take out every word that is not part of the overall sound of the poem. Read it aloud again for an audience of one or a coffeehouse full of other poets. Enjoy the process.

If you write a poem from this prompt, post it as a comment underneath the prompt in the Poetry Super Highway Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/poetrysuperhighway

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