April 28, 2014: Thea Constantine

Justifiable Homicide:
Does anyone really wake up and utter “mwahahaha”? Life certainly would be easier if things were so cartoon-simple — but we know they aren’t. Perhaps Jean Renoir said it best when he stated, “The real hell of life is that everyone has his reasons.” 

What’s the cruelest thing you’ve ever done? If you can bear to think about it for a few minutes, you’ll most likely recall the reason for doing what you did. It may not be a great one, but the circumstances that led you to that action probably weren’t based on the desire to be a smashing villainess or your just feeling evil that day. You had your reasons.

Grab your pen or fire up your laptop and write down three things you find completely rotten or unacceptable. Now pick one and find the best excuse you can think of for doing that very thing. Try applying these dilemmas not only to your antagonist, but to your protagonist as well.

Submitted by Thea Constantine / http://www.theaconstantine.com/

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