April 26, 2021: Poetry Writing Prompt – Elya Braden

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Elya Braden:

Dream Writing Prompt:

  1. Write down one image (one sentence or even just a few words) that immediately comes to mind from each of the following prompts. These images can come from your dreams or real life – no one will know but you.
    • the strangest occupation of a former lover
    • your favorite pet
    • a body part
    • an insect or reptile
    • an object from your childhood or from a dream
    • an outdoor landmark (such as a road, a lake, a hill, etc.)
    • a cartoon character or superhero
  1. Write down a piece of advice you’ve gotten from someone you respect or advice you’d like to give yourself now or in the past.
  1. Read the following poem, Dream poem because I never write dream poems, by Catherine Owen.

Dream poem because I never write dream poems

Woken just as he was about to go down on me/ that sailor
With the insanely long/earlobes

By a cat clawing at the delicately eroding skin/beneath my eye
Did not make me jovial/one bit

But when I fell back to dreaming and it was/of gypsy women
Catching a stream of bees/pouring from my wounds

Into burlap sacks/or else that inevitable toilet
(Would it be/on a cliff this time or transparent

Or fixed to a proscenium/ or shaped to receive dragonflies
Instead of piss)/ I was none too thrilled at my gallant’s

Failure to return to duty/ and worse
It was now a dream containing advice/Broom Hilda

Appearing to warn me/ I would have to & soon
Get rid of the sphincter in my lungs/if I wanted to sing.

  1. After you read the poem, go back to your list of images and write a poem in which you describe an imagined dream using as many of those images as you can. Also, include the piece of advice in your poem.

If you write a poem from this prompt, post it as a comment underneath the prompt in the Poetry Super Highway Facebook Group.

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