April 25, 2020: Poetry Writing Prompt – Peggy Dobreer

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Peggy Dobreer:
Persona in Action Poem
What does the surfboard say to the surfer? Replace the surfboard and surfer with any tool or object of play and it’s user. Some examples are: lathe to the jeweler, baseball bat to the batter, or spoon to the eater. Let the object school the user. Let it judge how it’s being used, how could the user improve, and what is worthy of praise? The inanimate object is the speaker. Reveal its personality through its manner of speech. What is it’s attitude toward the user. Describe in detail using rhythm, language, and setting related to the activity. Decide in advance whether the rhythm of the activity works best in couplets, tercets, quatrains or free verse.
If you write a poem from this prompt, post it as a comment underneath the prompt in the Poetry Super Highway Facebook Group.
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