April 25, 2013: Cecilia Woloch

“Throwing It Into Reverse.” There are two ways a poet can approach this:

1) If you have a poem-in-progress and need to shake it up, throw it into reverse by re-writing it starting with the last line first and ending with the first line. Sometimes this results in a much more interesting and surprising poem. Sometimes the reversed version can be combined with the original version to create a two-part “mirror poem,” along the lines of Natash Trethewey’s “I Was Asleep While you Were Dying.” At the very least, you’ll end up with some interesting juxtapositions and possibilities for re-ordering the lines of your poem.

2) As a generative exercise, write about an event as if you could throw the whole event into reverse, like a film running backwards, along the lines of Jeffrey Greene’s poem “Physics” or Sarah Maclay’s “Uncorsage” or Dorothy Baressi’s poem “Unkissing.”

Submitted by Cecilia Woloch from Los Angeles, California

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