April 22-28, 2013: Sy Roth and Don Kingfisher Campbell

Sy Roth and Don Kingfisher Campbell

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Sy Roth

Bio (auto)

He comes riding in and then canters out. Oftentimes, the head is bowed by reality; other times, he is proud to have said something noteworthy. cRetired after forty-two years as teacher/school administrator, he now resides in Mount Sinai, far from Moses and the tablets. This has led him to find words for solace. He spends his time writing and playing his guitar. He has published in many online publications such as BlogNostics, Every Day Poets, Danse Macabre, Bitchin’ Kitsch, Bong is Bard, The Artistic Muse, Palimpsest, Dead Snakes, Euphemism, Humanimalz Literary Journal, Ascent Aspirations, Fowl Feathered Review, Vayavya, Wilderness House Journal, Aberration Labyrinth, Mindless(Muse), Em Dash, South Townsville Micropoetry Journal, Vox Poetica, Clutching at Straws, Downer Magazine and Kerouac’s Dog. One of his poems, Forsaken Man, was selected for Best of 2012 poems in Storm Cycle.

The following work is Copyright © 2013, and owned by Sy Roth and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

When Mice Invade the Cupboard

The naïve
Sniff the air gingerly
Mindful whether or not
They inhale insects
Drifting in close proximity
To their noses,
Argue the right to live
To breathe and breed
For all things.

Murderers salivate over a Big Mac
Unwrap the tissue-draped meat
Gobble the special-sauce slathered flesh with abandon
To exist–
Suck the marrow out of the beasts
Who roam the stockyards
Rending them asunder,
Rendering them null and void–
Because existence dictates to the beast.

Moral good,
Mind-drifting afloat on imperative,
Wrestles like Jacob
To establish supremacy or reason
Between opposing forces.
Naifs assume the moral high ground
But not when the mice have invaded their cupboard.

Don Kingfisher Campbell

Bio (auto)

Alhambra, California resident Don Kingfisher Campbell has recently been published in The Bicycle Review, Crack The Spine, Lummox, Poetic Diversity, The Sun Runner, and Poetry Breakfast. He is currently working on an MFA in Poetry at Antioch University in Los Angeles. Google him for more 411.

The following work is Copyright © 2013, and owned by Don Kingfisher Campbell and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Issa Frequency

a car roars outside the window, a
sudden passing marked only by sound, sudden
shower-like it comes, passes, goes, like a shower
falls out of hearing as a memory falls
and all one is left with is recollection, and
naked at that, because the ears hear naked
I, receive the signal, experience vibration, I
am a natural receiver for existence, I am
riding the waves which pass, reverberate, riding
on an invisible wavelength of experiences on
a plane making my path, my sense a
naked transponder for what is here, naked
horse, no, more like two hundred horses

Science Center

Like crows
We beak our way
Through crowds
To see Endeavour

Like dogs
We romp up and down
Stairs to get to return
Our purple poker chips

Like dolphins
We laugh at
Our funny faces
In the infrared screen

Like chimpanzees
We try to lift
The 5,000 pound pickup
Pulling a cantilevered rope

Like octopuses
Our six arms
Reach for our car doors
So we can roll outta here

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