April 19, 2015: R. Bremner

I’m stealing a prompt that was used at poetsonline.org. It’s called “The Golden Shovel”. You take a line or lines from some well-known poem, the write a poem using each word of the prompt (consecutively) as the last word in each line of your poem. For example, if you choose Rabindranath Tagore’s “Love is an endless mystery, for there is nothing else to explain it” you might write

I question this thing called love,
what exactly it is.
It’s been sold as an an-
esthetic, a panacea to ease the endless
search and desire for mystery.
But what is love truly good for?
How can you quantify it?
No measurable value it has,
and nothing from nothing leaves nothing.
But perhaps I forget something else,
some mythical truth to hold on to,
facts that no one can explain
and therein lies the secret of it.

It’s actually a lot easier (and a lot more fun) then you might think!

Submitted by R. Bremner.

If you write a poem from this prompt, post it as a comment underneath the prompt in the Poetry Super Highway Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/poetrysuperhighway


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