April 18, 2021: Poetry Writing Prompt – Michael Griffith

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Michael Griffith:

Write a Menu Poem.


Model a poem after a menu of a restaurant you frequent or one from your imagination.

Pepper it with real-word or fantastic foods, animals, celebrities, colors, musical instruments…

As a menu does, it would guide a reader in ordering a meal from appetizers, salads and soups, entrees, specials, desserts, and drinks.

So, part 1 becomes the fun of creating this faux menu.  Part 2 is to have your poem make some sort of sense. Do you wish to make some point, say something deep about the human condition, lo0nlieness (a meal for one), be fanciful or serious?


A GPS trip as poem

The contents of a suitcase before or after a vacation  as a poem

A shopping list as a poem

Any of these prompts act as a creativity spark, but try to go beyond a simple list poem and come at your poem’s “things” with a message, some deeper meaning by its end. “Deeper” need not be “serious,” either.

If you write a poem from this prompt, post it as a comment underneath the prompt in the Poetry Super Highway Facebook Group.

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