April 17, 2015: Michael Virga

Always heard that haiku is 3 lines in a syllabic distribution of 5/7/5?
A sampling of contemporary haiku reveals a freer range, including one and two liners
rendering a simple surface with a mighty imagistic implication in under 17 syllables.
After reading an array of these one-breath wonders, model your own after one that gives you that Aha! haiku moment –
a resonance that is suddenly familiar
a location no longer strange to you
a space no longer empty – fulfilled
found but was never really lost
like déjà vu
that haiku was the vessel of discovery

Submitted by Michael Virga.

If you write a poem from this prompt, post it as a comment underneath the prompt in the Poetry Super Highway Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/poetrysuperhighway


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