April 16, 2021: Poetry Writing Prompt – Sue Fagalde Lick

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Sue Fagalde Lick:

If a stranger were to watch you through your window right now, what would they see and what would they say about it? Paint us a verbal picture. Play around with the point of view. You can be the observer describing what he/she sees in a third-person report, or switch it around to first or second person.

One of my attempts:

Surveillance Report

Lights go on at 6:15.
I see her in the kitchen.
Then she disappears.

7:02 at the table, gray robe,
reading, fire in the pellet stove,
dog sprawled on the loveseat.

Our records show she’s 68,
widowed, no kids, alone.
She plays piano at church.

Website, blog, Facebook.
Huh. A writer. Several books.
None I’d want to read.

10:13. Still in her robe.
Standing by the stove,
writing. Cold, I guess.

12:08. Here she comes.
Dressed at last. Jeans,
baggy shirt, baseball cap.

Kitchen table. Lunch.
Dog hanging close,
she reads, eats, reads.

Now she’s down the hall.
Can I take a break? There’s
nothing happening here.

3 p.m. Heavy downpour,
but she’s coming out.
Mismatched rain gear,

dog on leash. I’m bored.
Dog shitting. Call the cops.
Nope. She’s bagging it.

6 p.m. Getting dark.
Stove, table, stove.
Sitting with the dog again.

I fell asleep. It’s 10 p.m.
She takes pills, hugs dog.
Lights go out at 10:15.

End of shift report:
Eats three times a day,
keeps warm, still alive.


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