April 15, 2020: Poetry Writing Prompt – Taylor Mali

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Taylor Mali:

Although this prompt comes from a line rolled using a set of Metaphor Dice, it actually uses the ONE SIDE of a red die that guarantees you will NOT end up with a metaphor (but it’s one of my favorites anyway)! Normally the red dice are all big concepts, the white dice are adjectives, and the blues are all more “tangible” nouns so you might end up with MY MOTHER IS A HARD-WON MIRACLE or LOYALTY IS NOT A HARD-WON MIRACLE. But the line above is still good so write a poem that uses it or explains it. What is the hard-won miracle that some part of you craves? What part of you does the craving?
TAYLOR MALI is a four-time National Poetry Slam champion and one of the original poets on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam. The author of six books of poetry including Late Father & Other Poems, he is also the inventor of Metaphor Dice, a game that helps writers think more figuratively. He lives in Brooklyn.  

If you write a poem from this prompt, post it as a comment underneath the prompt in the Poetry Super Highway Facebook Group.
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