April 14, 2017: Poetry Writing Prompt – Jane Glasser

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Jane Glasser.

Select an emotion ( joy, despondency, grief, boredom, anxiety, etc,) that has significance for where you are in your life right now or at some critical time in the past. Write a first person poem letting the selected emotion be the speaker. Write to discover what it’s like to be that emotion, using vivid details and metaphors. When you’re finished, examine how your poem reveals or changes your attitude to that emotion. Here’s an example:


You wake in my arms.
I am the gray wool
of dawn,
the dream that lingers
as you rise
from my weight.
All day
I am thick
walls of air,
that sucks at your feet,
dried seeds
rattling in your head.
How you fight me,
lugging uphill
sacks of wet sand
as I steal
your breath.
At night
I am the cool earth
and the quiet stars.
Rest in my arms.

by Jane Ellen Glasser
from “Naming the Darkness”

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