April 12, 2018: Poetry Writing Prompt – Linda Leedy Schneider

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Kathy Lundy Derengowski.

Use Food as a Prompt for Poetry

Think of your favorite food.  Prewrite for several minutes. Describe the food using all of your senses. Sight, touch, smell, taste, even hearing!

Now think about the place where you first remember encountering this food.  Describe the place you are in, who is there with you, how you felt for a few minutes.

Close your eyes and picture the food, meditate on it.  Let your mind wander.

Write for 15 minutes about whatever comes to mind.  Follow the energy of your writing. If a new subject comes up that has more energy follow that subject like taking a fork in the road.  Your writing may cover many subjects unrelated to the food.  Do not try to return to the subject. You are not writing an essay. You are following your mind.

Here is a poem that came writing in this way.


Red, round, ripe-
full of the sun’s heat
familiar in my hand
like a newborn’s head

Little pumpkin
of pleasure
dressed in
six scalloped leaves

Leaves that held
the flower
that needed
the bees or a breeze

To start
the seeds
in these
red ovaries.

there is
so much sex
in my sink

I need to
turn away
and quickly brown
the bulbous onions.

Linda Leedy Schneider
Published in The Spoon River Poetry Review
and nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

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