April 10, 2015: Linda Leedy Schneider

Through My Window

Write an “out or through my window” piece. Describe what is really there or imagine another window, like a school bus, your bedroom window as a child, or a window view on a trip.  Expect to come to transitions in your writing. Follow the energy and see where it takes you and your writing. Cycles was written in just this way:

Out my window, near
the wrinkled adobe wall,
bougainvillea bows
to the sun.
Fuchsia leaves
masquerade as flowers.
Call the bees.
Ask for sex,
which is a flower’s
only destiny.
We think the beauty
is for us, a symbol
of something,
but it’s really
all stamens, pistils,
and ovaries,
like a slim-hipped
girl brushing
her beauty.

by Linda Leedy Schneider First published in Some Days: Poetry of a Psychotherapist, Plain View Press

Submitted by Linda Leedy Schneider.

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