April 1, 2014: Brendan Constantine

So far as we know, the Garden of Eden had only one tree with a title – the Tree of Knowledge. Not long ago, artist and filmmaker Stephen Latty wrote a poem about the unmentioned Tree of Stupidity. I’ve been begging him to publish it but he’s busy getting ready to be a father. Whatever.

Meanwhile ask yourself, What other trees might there’ve been? Were there trees of happiness or cruelty? Was there a grove of intentions? Lies? Dreams? Mistakes? What were the flowers like? What about fruit? Shade?  Were Adam and Eve in the garden long enough to see these trees? Are they growing still?

This prompt should work for just about anyone. Every major faith has a garden in it’s story. Every Atheist prefers a garden to faith. And Agnostics regard every tree as a prompt. They ask,  “Is there a garden? What does it mean?”

Submitted by Brendan Constantine  from Los Angeles, California.

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