2024 PSH Poetry Contest Sponsorship Information

Thanks for your interest in sponsoring the 2024 Poetry Super Highway Poetry Contest. It is through the generous donations of organizations and people like you which make this a unique venture in which not only do three winners rise to the top, but every contest entrant receives some kind of prize just for entering.

The Poetry Super Highway Poetry Contest is blindly judged by 3 different poets who live in different areas of the world. We charge one dollar entry fee for each poem with no limits on the number of entries. The top three scoring poets will divide up 100% of the entry fees taken in and all of the rest of the prizes will be distributed by you to all of the contest entrants.

Before you agree to sponsor and send me the list of what you’d like to donate, please review the following information so we’re all on the same page:

  • The contest will run roughly mid-July through mid-October.
  • In exchange for donating merchandise or services which would be of interest to poets and writers, you (or your zine, or your organization or your website) will receive sponsorship mention online and in all Contest Correspondence.
  • In addition, as a sponsor, you will receive a free classified ad in the Poetry Super Highway Classifieds section (both online and in the weekly PSH e-mail update) for the duration of the contest. (Please don’t send the ad now…further guidelines on this will be sent closer to the contest’s start.)

As a sponsor you agree to:

  1. Mail your prizes directly to the contest entrants within 2 weeks of being notified of who to send your prize(s) to.
  2. The contest is open to everyone in the world which means it’s possible that you might have to send a prize to a country that you don’t live in which will, of course, cost more. (I will do the best I can to distribute the prizes evenly so you don’t have to send to more than one person living abroad. Please keep in mind that this mainly applies to people living in the United States where most of our contest entrants live. If you are donating prizes from outside of the United States, it won’t be as easy to guarantee that you will only have to send one prize to someone abroad.)
  3. You also agree to notify me via e-mail as soon as you’ve put the prizes in the mail so I can keep track and make sure that everyone who enters is getting what they deserve.

If you agree to all this, then fantastic! Click on the link below to access our sponsors prize submission form.

Please review last year’s prize list for samples of what and how much of each has been donated in the past. Make sure to include quantity and title for each item, and if it’s a service, a very brief description of what the service is.

Closer to the contest as the sponsors list builds, I will send you more detailed contest information, including the complete sponsors list, as well as information about the judges, and how to go about submitting your classified ad.

Thanks again for your interest in sponsoring our annual contest and I look forward to hearing from you acknowledging that you’ve read the above sponsorship guidelines and with your detailed prize lists.

Don’t hesitate to write if you have any further questions otherwise.

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Sponsors Prize Submission Form


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