A Poet’s Haggadah – Passover Through the Eyes of Poets

A Poet's Haggadah: Passover through the eyes of Poets


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36 Poets from all over the world reinterpret the themes of the Passover Seder through their own unique lenses edited by Rick Lupert.

“A Poet’s Virtual Seder”

Listen to the archived broadcast from March 22nd, 2009 in which many poets from “A Poet’s Haggadah” from all over the world read their work from the book and discussed their interpretations of the Passover themes. Hosted by “A Poet’s Haggadah” editor Rick Lupert

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The complete list of contributors:

Helen Bar-Lev, Lynne Bronstein, Salvatore Buttaci, Howard Camner, Larry Colker, devin davis, Barbara Elovic, Robert Klein Engler, David Gershator, Leslie Halpern, Claudia Handler, Daniel Y. Harris, Elizabeth Iannaci, Marc Jampole, Rachel Kann, Beth Kanter, Peggy Landsman, Michael Levy, Jake Marmer, Ellyn Maybe, Heather McNaugher, Daniel Olivas, Judith Pacht, Jaimes Palacio, Jonathan Penton, Joan Pond, Lanie Shanzyra P. Rebancos, Richard Schiffman, G. David Schwartz, Adam Shechter, Diana Sher, Scott Alixander Sonders, Julia Stein, S. Thomas Summers, Pam Ward and Misha Weidman.

A Few Sample Tidbits:

O, matzo-ball moon, roll your pesadiche light on over to me.
I long to see you shine in my Elijah’s naked eyes.
I’ve always been a sucker for love at first sight.

from?Manischewitz?Moon by Peggy Landsman

To honor the coming of Passover, I asked my mind to partake of a Seder.
I set the table.
Unleavened anxiety flowed from the kitchen like a magician?s endless scarf.
Bitter herbs made onions of my eyes.

There are 4 questions I?d like to ask, but I?ll settle for this one.
Do you love me?

from?The Four Questions?by Ellyn Maybe

Why is this night
different from all other nights?

Because tonight
even the kids get to drink wine
that?s sweeter than Kool-Aid.
And after a while
The archaic grammar of the text
will be difficult to read
without a lot of giggles.

from?Kashas?by Lynn Bronstein

We stand dripping
in lambs blood as corporate spirits pass
above advertising the latest in teenage
footware. We raise strangled hands. Shout
hoarsely to broken nosed Gods:




from?In The Midst of Flight They Forget
(Why Prince of Egypt Disappointed)

by Jaimes Palacio

I wanted to smash the pyramids.
We?d built them well. They?d last. A pity.

from?Miriam’s Song?by Julia Stein

It seemed as farfetched
for Elijah to visit every seder
and drink from every cup
as for Santa Claus
to visit all those homes
and eat all those cookies

from?Visitation?by Larry Colker