A Poet’s Siddur: Shabbat Evening – Now Available

A Poet's Siddur: Shabbat Evening

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A Poet’s Siddur is Ain’t Got No Press’ and editor Rick Lupert’s follow up to A Poet’s Haggadah. This time 36 poets reinterpret the Jewish Friday night Shabbat liturgy with poems for a Shabbat service including work by beloved Canadian poet and singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen, the extraordinary Danny Maseng and many other poets and Rabbi poets.

Complete with humor, personal story, spirituality, and alternative takes on the traditional prayers and liturgy of Friday evening this book serves as an excellent and enjoyable stand-alone read, a companion to the existing evening Shabbat service (think a book full of the left-side of the page content), or as the foundation for a completely new Shabbat evening service composed completely of poetry.

A Poet’s Siddur is edited by Los Angeles poet and humorist Rick Lupert, author of God Wrestler: A Poem for Every Torah Portion.

The complete list of contributors:

Trisha Arlin, Rachel Berghash, Ben Berman, Janet Bowdan, Leonard Cohen, Rabbi Diane Elliot, Adam D. Fisher, Harris Gardner, Michael Getty, Bracha Goetz, Rabbi James Stone Goodman, Rabbi Andra Greenwald, I.B. Iskov, Raoul Izzard, Joanne Jagoda, J. H. Johns, Jacqueline Jules, Rachel Kann, D.L. Lang, Aurora Levins Morales, Rabbi Ellen Lewis, Cantor Abbe Lyons, Danny Maseng, John Reinhart, Stacey Zisook Robinson, Ty Rocker, Sy Roth, Rabbi Yael Saidoff, Ellen Sander, Don Schaeffer, Nancy Shiffrin, David Supper, Alan Walowitz, Florence Weinberger, Neal Whitman, Seree Cohen Zohar. Read more about A Poet’s Siddur contributors here.




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