Hunka Hunka Howdee! Poems written in Memphis, Nashville and Louisville


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Ain’t Got No Press
May 2019
276 Pages
Hunka Hunka Howdee! Poems written in Memphis, Nashville and Louisville

Rick Lupert’s 23rd collection of poems and latest travelogue written on the go in Memphis, Nashville, and Louisville. Two music cities, the birthplace of rock and Roll, Martin Luther King’s final steps and barrels full of bourbon are no escape from Lupert’s keen poetic eye and wit.

“The best of these poems come close enough to being both seductive satire and genuinely sentimental encounters that you will want to linger with their wit…Lupert’s deftly sketched poems will help you keep “one foot each on and off / the beaten path” of skeptical wonder at the world’s on-going peculiarities.”

–Bill Mohr, author of The Headwaters of Nirvana,
and HOLDOUTS: The Los Angeles Poetry Renaissance 1948-1992

“Being a Memphian I was particularly enthralled by how much of my city he captures in his short, beguiling lines. This delightful collection is a trip with such a charming guide you’ll want to take it over and over.”

–Corey Mesler, author of Madstones and Memphis Movie

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17 Holy Syllables – A haiku for Every Aliyah of Every Torah Portion

17 Holy Syllables by Rick Lupert
17 Holy Syllables E-book (pdf): A haiku for every Aliyah of every Torah Portion, by Rick Lupert. (instant PDF download after purchase)

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God Wrestler: A Poem for Every Torah Portion – My 21st Book!

God Wrestler by Rick Lupert
With just a few exquisite words, Rick Lupert fills in the white spaces between the Torah’s words, and offers holy insight, life wisdom, reverent irreverence, and sacred depth. It takes a poet to find the poetry of Torah, and a great teacher to share it. Rick is both. His book is a gift to us all. -Rabbi Ed Feinstein

One can always count on Rick to see things in ways that we would not otherwise have seen them. He has succeeded in finding messages within each parashah that are simultaneously uniquely personal and entirely universal. Humor and depth abound. Rick amplifies the timeless nature of the words of Torah, and fills each page with new perspectives. -Cantor Ellen Dreskin

Rick Lupert’s poetry is witty, knowing, wise, and a tonic to the seeking soul. -Rabbi David Wolpe

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New poem “The Eyes Have It” published by Silver Birch Press

Rick Lupert and his Cat Bootsy at the vet.Thanks to my forever heroes, Silver Birch Press, for publishing my poem “The Eyes Have It” written for their “Wearing a Mask” series. Check it out here.

Prayer for Front-Line Workers Published at

Thank you for publishing the “Prayer for Front-Line Workers” section of my “Prayer for Infrastructure” poem! This is one part of a poem originally written to collaborate with Ben Pagliaro’s “Sacred Space” show. Read it here.

Of All the Doors I’ve Loved Before Published by Silver Birch Press

Thank you Silver Birch Press for publishing my poem “Of All the Doors I’ve Loved Before” as part of their “My Front Door Series.” I love Silver Birch Press! Read it here.

Video of Mother Poems Included in Library Girl’s “Mama Don’t Allow” series

Thank you Susan Hayden for including this video of me reading a couple of poems for my mother in Library Girl’s virtual “Mama Don’t Allow. Deluxe Mother’s Day show! Watch it here. (You need to be on Facebook, but it’s worth it!)



Interview and Live Poem Collab on Assiduous Dust Podcast

Thanks to Joshua Corwin for including me in Episode 4 of the Assiduous Dust podcast. We bantered and created a live poem, and the episode also features Trish Hopkinson! Check it out in the player below:

Quill & Parchment Review of Hunka Hunka Howdee!

Check out this fabulous review of Hunka Hunka Howdee! by Michael Escoubas over at the legendary Quill & Parchment only magazine HERE.

2 New Poems up at Poetic Diversity – November, 2019

Thanks to Poetic Diversity editor Marie C Lecrivain for including 2 poems of mine in the November issue. One is from my book Hunka Hunka Howdee!, and the other is “Exasperated” a poem I wrote in response to one of the mass shootings that happened this past year. Check ’em out here. Thank you Marie!

Reminders for the New Year – A New Rosh Hashanah Poem/Video

Check out my new High Holy Days poem “Reminders for the new Year” in the video below. (And read the text of it online at here.)

3 New Poems Up at Cultural Weekly

Three poems by Rick Lupert up at Cultural Weekly
Thanks so much to Alexis Rhone Fancher, poetry editor at Cultural Weekly, for selecting 3 new poems for publication on their website, 2 never before published, and one from my new book Hunka Hunka Howdee! Check ’em at at Cultural Weekly here.

My Appearance on Rhyme Without Reason

Thanks to Tim Tipton for including me in the Dead Sullivan Show’s “Rhyme Without Reason”. I got to read my poem “It’s a Wonderful Life” which comes in about 10:30 into the video (though the whole show is worth watching!)