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100 Trillion Haiku - the genuine haiku generator
The Genuine Haiku Generator creates evocative, meaningful verse using completely random combinations of individual words. Save your favorite haiku online, or send one to a friend.

The 13th Warrior Review
An electronic publication of quality poetry, fiction, essays and reviews.

2River publishes The 2River View, a quarterly journal of poetry, art, and letters; as well as longer works by individual authors. Poets in past issues include Joel Chace, Robert Creeley, Ruth Daigon, and Glenda Zumwalt. Artists in past issues include Don Bied, Francesco Clemente, Mark Flowers, and Robert Indiana. Poets are encouraged to read the current and several past issues before submitting.

-30- Online Magazine
-30- is an online magazine featuring poetry, satire, and art and writing of all forms.

3rd Muse Poetry Journal
3rd Muse Poetry Journal is a monthly publication dedicated to publishing quality poetry. We are accepting submissions on an ongoing basis. Please visit the site for guidelines and more information.

4*9*1--Imagination is a creative project of poet/artist/photographer Donald Ryburn and Poet/Activist Juan Beauregaard-Montez. We have discovered that "isms" and "ists" are ironically the most restricting and detrimental aspects ever applied to the writing of poetry. We are currently accepting poetry, essays, short fiction, reviews, art, photography and interviews. Currently featured writers include Rhonda Roszell, Anna Blake, Jennifer Besemer, Stephen Sleboda, Steven Barfield, Alan Britt and of course the editors.....

50 GOD on-line
The site includes listings and ordering info for books by Bill Shields, Dustin Prestridge, Rod Sperry, and more. Also includes (free) the entire script, on-line for short film about Shields, as well as outtakes from that film. And just added: "God's Work" an on-line litmag of all these writers and others.

An 80's Kids' Entertainment Production. Looking for writers (fiction/journalistic), and other creative talents for magazine and web page. Get your voices heard to the 10's of thousands!

9X9 Industries
9X9 Industries is a San Francisco consortium of writers combining
Apollonian precision of language with Dionysian performance skills. 9X9
runs a reading series at Adobe Books and organizes huge travelling
underground reading-events.

Able Muse
Able Muse is a review of metrical poetry, prose and art. It features finely crafted poetry from established and new voices, book reviews, essays, interviews black & white art and photography. All poems are read in Real Audio by the authors. Able Muse also published electronic books and chapbooks and includes a literary discussion forum, Eratosphere.

ABC Poetry Podium
Free page. Submit your poems here. If accepted your poems will be run free of charge.

A Rama Guinda
E-zine in galician language (Galicia, a little country in the north of Spain) Galician, Portuguese & spanish poets, resources and more.

Acme Poets and Plumbing Supply Company, Ltd.
Acme Poets and Plumbing Supply Company, Ltd. is a declarative artistic statement in a time of uncertain plumbing.

ACT Poetry SpotLight
eZine featuring poetry and literature submission of GeoCities members.

The Adirondack Review
The Adirondack Review is currently accepting submissions for its debut issue. We are seeking high-quality, free verse poetry. We are open to previously unpublished poets; our only requirement is excellence. Please see website for guidelines.

The Adult Fantasy World of Guillermo Bosch
The erotic literary magazine,Sauce*Box, and Guillermo Bosch's erotic poetry...

agoraONline - Art Gallery
Romanian monthly ezine with a large art gallery. Romanian writers, photographs, painters, sculptors are invited to send submissions.

Aileron, A Literary Journal
On-line literary journal seeks poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, articles, and reviews for publication.

Features prose, poetry, photgraphy, & graphics.

Airless Suburban Haiku
A cynical celebration of conspicuous consumption in haiku form. Post your cynical three-line suburban diatribe.

Alberta Poetry
This is a site for all Alberta Poets to share their works.It is a new site and just getting up and running but has much potential. I hope you visit and enjoy what you see, or maybe join and add your work.

All Cool Poems and Stories
Where all can join and submit work and 1 winner chosen per month...

The Alley
Each month the Alley features 3 artists. For details and submission guidelines, check out the site.

Alpha Poets
Alpha Poets are all published poets. Larry Jaffe, Dave Sutherland, David Barnes,The Quill, Elisha Porat, Val Magnuson, Phattkat, Karen R Springer and RhymeMaster just to name a few. Submission are open upon proof of publication.

The Alsop Review
The best poetry and fiction available on the Web. Usually by invitation only, we will consider unsolicited manuscripts but they would have to be very, very good.

Amaranth Womyn Community Magazine
Amaranth Womyn Lesbian Community offers, for its members, a magazine to publish their poetry, short stories and other writings.

Amateur Literary Forum
Mainly poems and mainly in Hungarian. Recently, a few fellow amateurs have shown interests and contributed. With a related discussion group, to enhance communication.

The Amateur Poetry Journal
Features poetry by new authors. Submissions of poetry and articles about writing are welcome.

The American Muse
National visual and literary arts quarterly. Always seeking poetry & fiction submissions. The American Muse is the only magazine to combine the creative endeavors of aspiring and acknowledged, poets, writers, artists & photographers with arts & culture features, briefs, trends & celebrity interviews.

American Oral
Online literary magazine publishing poetry, prose, fiction, and pop criticism. Emphasizes the oral nature of writing and invites writers to "perform" their work.

Amrita Poetry Pages
A high-quality literary site of modern poetry and book reviews.

Galician international poetry magazine. Illustrated notebook of activism and poetic resources.

Angel News Network
Hi...Angel News Network has a monthly poetry contest...we publish a monthly newsletter...the site is not only about angels but all good things...

An Angry Angst Ridden Lumberjack
poetry, short stories, articles, interviews, an e-zine

The Animist Electronic Journal of the Arts and Culture
An innovative Australian based online arts journal bringing together creative people from a variety of disciplines" we feature work by poets (audio and written), short story writers, digital/conventional artists, original musicians, reviewers, literary and socio-cultural critics, and much more.

21st Century Arts magazine from London. Updated monthly, with a vibrant poetry section edited by Peter Kenny, plus visual arts, fiction, opinion reviews, theatre and much more.

Anthology Magazine Online
This is the online version of Anthology poetry, prose and art magazine. Learn about magazine sponsored contests, how to submit, and other valuable Anthology trivia.

Anthropophagy.com is a new online journal which strives to present original, creative, challenging, and experimental visual and textual works. By providing a format for this kind of work, anthropophagy.com attempts to challenge and engage in both new kinds of art practices and in new ways of reading.

Apostrophize: to write or speak with " ' ". Mine, yours, and their poetry with multiple links and Submitters' Leap for all who are ready to share. Including an entire shopping page for those who are blocked and need a little diversion.

Apples & Oranges, Oranges & Apples
Any poetry form - free verse, traditional and prose poems, experimental forms - are accepted. International poets, students' page, the Maine Lit-Ring, Sensing, and Bern Porter's home page.

Archflambeoth is a world of dreams, put here on the web for your reading enjoyment. It features Poetry, Prose, Short Stories, and an on-line (non-choose your own adventure) story being written by the same people who read it. Put your voice up to the test, and see what fills the halls.

Art and Love on the 'Net
Art and Love on the 'Net is a free and commercial-free monthly e-zine. Features include Art, Opinion, Fiction, Poetry, Advice, Editorial and Reviews. Submissions accepted. Art and Love on the 'Net focuses on Love and all forms of relationships.

The Arthouse Underground and No Rest For the Wicked.Com
Jazzed underground writing, madcap psychedelic art, electro-industrial music, Nietzschean dark humor, Bob Dylan becomes a borg & redefines cyberpunk.

Articles of Conscious Seas
A quarterly publication of great poetry gathered from submissions out of the FidoNet's Poetry Workshop Conference as well as other great guest poets. Forms include short poetry, beat, Haiku and recorded poetry via Real Audio!

Poetry, Art and Literature Forum. Cyberart, Writing Board, PoetNews, Chat,Writing Links, Ideas, Contests/Awards, etc.

Artphoto Greeting Card Company
This award-winning site includes a monthly selection from two lines of greeting cards, a photographic chapbook, a journal of comments, anecdotes, and aphorisms, poetry, and editorials.

Ascent Aspirations for Artists
Welcome to the world of Ascent, the world of the imagination, and inspiration, a safe place to send our artistic souls and to share the objects of our creativity. We are - An E-zine to publish Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Mainstream short stories and poetry; An Inspirational Newsletter for aspiring and established print and visual artists; An Ascent Gallery for Visual Art, a pond enthusiasts site, a Literature Research Link, a web publication for young creative writers and finally an E-mail link to the artistic community of the universe. You will find links to our sites of interest.

Poetry, prose, artwork and beyond for post-nuclear literati.

AtticusBooks/Gargoyle Magazine
Home of Atticus Used Books & Music, a shop in Arlington, VA., and Gargoyle Magazine. The site houses Atticus, Gargoyle (a 25-year-old literary mag that has published people as diverse as Rita Dove, Paul Bowles, Maxine Clair, John Cooper Clarke, Julia Slavin, John Gardner, Rebecca Brown, Henry Taylor, Nani Power),the Mondo Series (anthologies edited by Lucinda Ebersole of Atticus and Richard Peabody of Gargoyle), as well as individual pages for both editors.

Austin Daze
The on-line version of the coolest free mag in Austin. Find back issues, submission info, and the locations where you can pick it up. We are always looking for submissions: poetry, art, photography, articles, short (very short) fiction...Almost ANYTHING!

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves is an on-line poetry magazine, which publishes poetry both from other poets and by the publisher. It also has a special section for poetry written by children and young adults. Although poetry has been published from people of all races, and many nations, and about all subjects, there is a slight preference for poetry written by Native Americans.

Baacchor Magazine " To Run Wild & To Rebel..."
A Mag created to expose emerging artists in all mediums: Written, Visual art,Indie film scene and music scene and more make Baacchor the voice of its contributors. Visit our site to see what we are all about. Web Zine is 3 months behind the print zine.

Backwater Review
A journal of contemporary writing and reviews. The On-line version of a real world magazine.

Badosa EP (Electronic Publisher)
Site devoted to the spreading of literary unpublished text on the Internet. Poetry, Short Story, Novel. Audio files available. Spanish, Catalan, English.

Beachfire Gathering
BEACHFIRE GATHERING is an on-line weekly poets' page published by Chiron Press. It features one selected poet each week with photo, bio, and up to five pages of original, unpublished work. The focus of this publication is the Pacific Northwest. We are looking for PNW poets and/or poetry which reflects the unique nature of this region

Beauty for Ashes Poetry Review
This is the web presence for a well repected poetry journal. Nationally distributed, locally read. Poetry is our speciallty-quality our passion. Samples from all issues are on the web, but if you want meat & potatoes purchase a copy from your local bookstore.

BeeHive is a hypertext/hypermedia literary journal publishing media rich fiction/theory/poetry. BeeHive is produced by PERCEPTICON and is under the creative direction of Talan Memmott.

Beltway: An On-Line Poetry Quarterly
Features poets from our nation's capitol. Also extensive links.

Bend Press, "The Smallest Book Company"
A book company so small, we've given up even printing them... almost. All Bend words going virtual for the triple zero... maybe.

berniE-zine: Book Reviews & More
Monthly book review ezine featuring reviews of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and short story collections, and links to literary web sites of interest.

Best of Lummox Journal 1997
Read the best interviews, articles, essays, and columns from this small press journal. Locklin, Alamares, Frank and Todd Moore, Raindog and many others take a crack at defining the creative process. Look for the link to the Bukowski Remembered issue.

Big Bridge
Big Bridge, a webzine of poetry and everything else, features poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and all kinds of art (photo, installation, comic, etc.)We don't care how art is shaped - round like moon, flat like roadkill, angular like love, twisted like political promises. We hear many voices and are guided by whimsy and passion and urgency. Online host to Poetry Flash.

Birmingham Poetry Review
Birmingham Poetry Review is a 50-page, semiannual journal published by the English Department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. A small selection of poems from the latest issues is available online.

BLAA is a webpoem existing within BLAA - a megalit neosymbolic webart.

Black Orchid
Black Orchid (the little electronic poetry pamphlet) always looking for submissions.

Blort, the Underground Web Network
Blort = home of The Ideas First (anti-censorship) News and Underground Crawlspace Review e-zine.

Blues and Folk Music
Unique video archive of acoustic musicians and poets...Hundreds of photos and video stills from the archive..links pages..heroes pages..messageboard...details of exclusively available cd's from my unique video archive....

The BlueWater Journal
A journal dedicated to the poetry of David Ritchie and guests

Bluff Magazine
A Milwaukee, Wisconsin e-zine featuring poetry, spoken word, commentary, comix, reviews, rants, word bombs, and other abominations. We accept submissions -- we welcome abuse.

Bruce V. Bracken's All-Purpose Poetry Thing
Prose, free verse, free verse thinly disguised as haiku, haiku. Poetry, art, and Camille Paglia links.

Buke's Lighthouse
Poetry, Fiction, Photography, Submit Today!

Bulk Head: Laxative of the Literary Mind
Quarterly on-line literary magazine.

BUNK:exploited nonsense
A small collection of bunk, poetry, prose, words, etc. A documentation... of bunk. bunk bunk bunk... it's fun to say try it. Submissions are welcome.

Cafe Nowhere
A friendly atmosphere for poets and non-poets to enjoy the warmth of words, and submit their own words...

the Caffeine Addict
Features writers and poets in Western New York...from Rochester to Buffalo... and includes some contributors from around the country. Black & white photographs compliment the selected works in every edition.

Caffeine Destiny
Poetry, reviews, columns and more. A magazine from Portland, Oregon

Web publication dedicated to promoting the creative endeavors of the online community. Featuring poetry, fiction, humor, artwork, photography, fractals, comics and more.

The Carolina Wanderer
The Carolina Wanderer Quarterly Poetry Journal is the flagship publication of The Ancient Wind Press. The publication is currently accepting submissions of poetry, short stories, how to writing articles designed to help the novice writer improve upon his craft as a writer and original artwork. Writers of all levels are welcome, as long as they show a desire to grow as a writer through their writing efforts.

An online journal dedicated to all forms of poetry (mostly slam), the arts, and more. Watch the site for new additions.

Le Chantier, kafé - bistro - virtuel
Your literary/artistic center of cutting edge culture. contemporary modern poetry and art.

Cayuse Press
Cayuse Press is home to the award-winning on-line zine, The Horsethief's Journal and lots of features for poets and writers. Watch for our upcoming contests and chapbooks, too!

Chantaclair's Parlor
Meander through the Manor and discover: Contests, Jewelry Design; Web Graphics, Poetry, Muse, Stories, Inspiration, A full scale fantasy world, Calligraphic arts, Genealogy and more like Riddles and Jokes, Postcards, Thoughts of the Month and Quality Links

Chaos Culture's Poetry Freaks
Non-Profit Poetry Group. Join the Chaos Culture and post you're poetry free to be seen by others.

A grown-up site where your inner brat can feel free to play. News, articles, and discussions about art, music, literature, spirituality, sexuality, alternative lifestyles, popular culture, and general silliness.

Children, Churches and Daddies at Scars Publications
children, churches and daddies (CC&D), started in 1993, is a magazine showcasing poetry, prose and art work. all issues are listed on line, all accepted writers get their own web page with their work, and they also have the opportunity to have their writing appear in a book. Scars Publications and Design is a springboard for people to get their writing in magazines, on the internet and in books - including possibly their own book! If you've got talent and want your voice to be heard, we can help make your dreams a reality. We offer music and sounds of writers reading (.aif, .wav and .mp3), bulletin boards for people to post their writing, art space for pieces to be displayed on line, magazines on line and in books you can get published in, and even a chance to puplish your own book through us!

Chiron Review
Chiron Review, published since 1982, now has a website. The site includes general and submissions information, contests and notes, book printing services, sample poetry and a chatroom. Chiron Review has published poetry, prose, interviews with and photos of some of the most engaging and controversial individuals from all corners of the literary and underground press universe. Past contributors include Charles Bukowski, William Stafford, Marge Piercy, Gavin Dillard, Edward Field, Antler, Robert Peters, Joan Jobe Smith, Fred Voss, Janice Eidus, Felice Picano, Lyn Lifshin, Will Inman, Richard Kostelanetz, Lorri Jackson, Karen Themstrup, Charles Webb and a host of others, well-known and new. The Chiron Review website is brought to you by Zero City Press.

Cider Press Review
The Internet home for Cider Press Review, a journal of contemporary poetry. The website includes submission guidelines (including a cover letter form), desription and sign up sheet for the Cider Press poetry workshops, subscription informaiton and an online bookstore. Visitors can also join Cider Poets, an email news group to share poetry, information, announcements and civil criticim. Cider Poets also receive periodic updates on the newest Cider Press publications and events.

Circle Magazine
The Circle is a quarterly print publication in Pennsylvania. We are in the process of bring our publication online. Our site includes the Circle Store, submission information, links for writers and others and more.

Circling the World with Poetry
Welcome to Circling the World with Poetry. We are a diverse group of poet friends from all over the world, hence the name....Circling the World with Poetry. Through our poetry, we share cultures, beliefs, geographic info, and friendships!

This is a work-in-progress, to be an online version of Clarendon, a literary magazine published for the last 25 years in SUNY Binghamton. Stories, artwork, poems, old and new, chronicalling the passing of a coupla generations in upstate nys and stuff like that. Check us out, we're groovy.

Clark Street Review
Inviting submissions of narrative poetry,prose poems and short stories for publication in Clark Street Review from previously published writers. You do not need to subscribe to be published. You just have to be good. We publish bimonthly. Sample copies are $1.00.

We are a professional online magazine which showcases intelligent and sexy erotic fiction, poetry and art, as well as information and commentary on sexuality and society. We're looking for sensual, original work which adds something different to our perspective on sex and sexuality. Accepting submissions, encouraging visitors!

Coffeehouse Workshop
Coffeehouse Workshop is a site devoted to aspiring and/or amateur writers. The primary focus of this site is to showcase writer's work/talent. Includes mainly poetry and short stories. The forum section is easy to use and allows HTML code to be used.

A poetry site where you can post your own poems or view those of others as well as chat, forums and featured writers of the month.

The Collective
The Collective contains poetry on every subject, along with short stories and rants and raves. Submissions are welcome all the time.

Common Sense Almanac - Journal of Literary ARts & Ideas
Common Sense Almanac is an anthology of literary arts & ideas, profiling the cultural evolution and experiences of our day, featuring the work of cutting edge artists, philosophers, writers, poets and spiritual pacesetters of our time.

Comrades is an e-zine featuring poetry, fiction, non-fiction, journals and art (with even more to come). We are a non profit making e-zine, doing it for the love of it. We are currently accepting submissions and would love to hear from you.

Concrete Wolf a journal of poetry
concretewolf.com is the website for Concrete Wolf a quarterly print journal of poetry. Site includes submission guidelines, selected poems from the journal, audio of poets reading their work, and chapbook contest information.

The Corpse in the Cupboard
A spooky, gothic/industrial/darkwave webzine composed of little intestinal creatures that are sure to steal your breath, heart and internal organs. poetry, interviews, reviews, articles, fiction, art and more...!

The Cortland Review
A FREE online literary magazine in realaudio. Established in 1997, it features such poets as Charles Simic, Robert Pinsky, Henry Taylor, Mark Doty, Robert Creeley, Mark Jarman, Lloyd Schwartz, Neal Bowers, R.T. Smith, Gregory Djanikian, John Kinsella, and several others. All poetry and most fiction appears in real audio format. TCR releases issues quarterly in the months of February, May, August, and November. It also publishes monthly features.

Crazyhorseis now in it's 38th year of publication and celebrating by going on line! This journal has been called " . . .among those magazines in which our national literature is carried forward" by Stanley Plumly. Right now the site includes staff information, a history of the journal, subscription information, a "What's New" section outlining our newest issue and a page with links to information about our past and present contributors. In the near future we'll include sample works by our contributors (which include some of the biggest names in poetry like Maura Stanton, Yusef Kumanyakaa, Denise Levertov, Phillip Levine, etc), an online bookstore in association with Amazon.com where readers can buy books by our contributors directly from the Crazyhorse site and information about the Crazyhorse Reading Series held here in our hometown, Little Rock, AR.

Creative Indigestion
Come and write with the best writers on the internet in fashion. With one of the best layouts in a zine, it is easy to navigate and has good writings as well. It is a quarterly zine, so come on by and read or submit something today.

Creative Voice
Creative Voice is an e-zine I guess, dedicated to all things creative on the internet. Featuring poetry, short stories, and art work (so far... hoping to include original music soon too). Please feel free to stop by, and enjoy anytime. Submissions always welcome.

Creativenue: A Venue for the Creative in You
Online gallery and monthly contests for poets, writers, artists and photographers. Free publication online as space allows, or pay a small entry fee to be eligible for monthly cash prizes in each category. No obligations, no pressure, just a venue for your talents

CrossConnect's mission has always been to promote the works of artists by
providing a viable outlet to reach their audience. With most literary magazines, the pages themselves, housed by its covers promotes a sense of artistic community. Unfortunately print wasn't always an option, but with the wonders of the world wide web, we were able to reach a broader range of readers and expand the audience for literary works.

A poetry site of 3 (to date) New Jersey poets. We are open to submissions from people from states with less pollution but if your work is too nature based it will likely be rejected as we won't understand your references.

Dalityapi : A Poetry Folio
Philippine / Filipino poetry, typography, and website design ritualized in print and cyberspace. A monthly poetry publication, poetry news, submissions, and literary links.

Deadmule, Poetry with a Southern slant
Poetry, prose, photography and more in this interesting web-site. Out of Washington, NC

Journal of Text, Art, & Schematics.

Dig-Factory.com is a collective of thinking brains and feeling hearts...where the flower angel mends with the smoothest skin...where the bug is running for President in 2000...where there be music, poesy, photosnaps, links, and collage graphs. The key to the door of a collective dream. Feel free to submit work and rant and love and be.

DIMSUM magazine pays up to US$500 a short story and runs a website where you can subscribe to the magazine, participate in on-line forums, and submit your unsolicited material through an on-line shortstory workshop.

Dirty Dishes
A Wild Poetry, Prose, Interview and Picture Site. Send your best poetry and prose.

Disclosures: A Quasi-Quarterly of Literature and Art
We publish fiction, poetry, nonfiction and reviews in addition to presenting new art in each issue to add to our "gallery" of artists on the net. We have been "on pause" for a bit while some of us have moved, had surgery, tied the knot, went on honeymoons and continue to "dig out" from underneath other projects. While we are putting out next issue together, our archives are the next best thing!

Disquieting Muses
A magazine featuring poetry, poetics, opinion, reviews, art and photography. Art with verve!

The Doomed City
An online publication featuring poetry by some of the best poets on the contemporary scene.

A Dove's Poetry Forum
Poetry forum for all forms. / Day's end / gleans my harvest. / A child-worn rope still swings / ghost-smiles, / seeking aspirations' / sMirage.

A small lit press, writers working at white heat intensity, a lit burnt around the edges.

Dragonfly Review
The DRAGONFLY REVIEW is an on-line literary journal published quarterly by Chiron Press. We are currently accepting submissions of short stories, poems, personal essays, reviews and interviews that reflect the unique nature of the Pacific Northwest... especially by writers whose work is touched by the sea.

DREAM FORGE e-Maga-Weba-Zine (tm)
DREAM FORGE e-Mag is a web magazine that appeals to the literate and educated reader. Poetry by the pocket full, many styles and genres, Fantastic Feature, Captivating Columns, Hilarious Humor, and Cartoons and more -- many updates made daily.

Dreams of Perfection
Visual Poetry updated monthly.

Ever been drunk and had a stroke of genious? We DrunkPoems.com is the best place to express yourself! Check it out.

The Dublin Writers' Workshop
Dublin's Longest running writers' workshop is Ireland's first online with the quarterly "Electric Acorn" (submissions welcome), Writers' Resources, a buzzing online workshop forum, events, mailing list and more.

Dufus: from the Latin Dufisimus, meaning: A colossal Bonehead! See the work of many a misguided poet at this online publication... the cyber version of the book by the same name, published by the Lummox Journal and edited by Raindog.

E-Proz. Site for Amateur Poets
E-Proz is a site run by and dedicated to Amateur Poets. It offers a free forum for the discussion and exhibition of work.

E-pub is an online publication site. It features some shortstories and alot of poems.

The Eclectic Poet
Poetry collection of various styles and subjects by authors on the web and Steve Hillis (Editor)

The Eclipse...
A monthly zine for writers, poets, and artists. Here you will find an eclectic mix of styles.

Ego Sum Anthology
A collection of the poems submitted for World of Poetry's "Ego Sum" ("I am") contest.

El Poeta
Una seleccion de los mejores poemas de la literatura universal y poesia argentina hoy, revistas de poesÌa y de psicologÌa, taller literario, libros recomendados,etc.

The Electric Van
A magazine for the minimalist.

Welcome to Erosha....a literary journal of the erotic. We are now accepting submissions for this e-zine of sensual journey, in the realms of poetry, art/photography, and prose.

A clevor and amusing book of over 700 new and oroginal quotations by author Michael Abramson. Poetry, satire, prose, puns, and more.

Exposed By Mari
Poetry To Heal The Souls. All poems and songs welcome but no satanic or x-rated poems or songs. Looking for poets who will read and comment not just post. It's for poetry and songs about anything and everything. I personaly try to help others or educate them in some way when I post.

The Exquisite Corpse
An interactive collaborative narrative workspace. A digital intermingling of creative minds.

Eye Dialect
Eye Dialect is a web-based Quarterly publication of poetry, essays, fiction and reviews. Eye Dialect is interested in promoting and publishing writing and art which is clear, affecting and contemporary in tone and form; established and younger voices are equally welcome.

Faerspel Studios
An open artists' consortium and journal-studio-gallery hybrid. New high quality visual and literary art appearing on a quarterly basis. Open submissions vetted by core members.

Fat Bottomed Girls Tribute Page
Tributes to fat bottomed girls in verse. Submit your own poem.

Feelings of the Heart
My poetry website is an extention of my poetry journal that I publish quarterly. As well as an online publication it is also a poetry resources for all who love poetry!

Fiction & Poetry Society
The FPS is a general writing and online publishing society that instill interest in poem composing and also fiction writing. We have our publication and still yet coming out with a few workshops. Come and join one of the greatest forum.

Forbidden Panda
Too much Googy for just one e-zine! Forbidden Panda contains poetry, humor, art, and lots of funky title graphics. Edited and maintained by Kyria Abrahams of the 1997 and 1998 Worcester Poetry Slam teams. It's Forbiddenpandarific!

The Fields of The Avatars
Our goal is to provide quality poetry to our visitors, and to have them participate in our endeavor. Currently seeking submissions of well thought-out and intelligent poetry in non-traditional styles. Details on site.

The Fit Medium-- An Electronic Poetry Journal
Visit this newly revamped poetry journal to read this month's issue and to submit work of your own!

Fluid Ink Press / Online Poetry Journal
Welcome to Fluid Ink Press. An online poetry journal that is devoted to new, fresh, observational and experimental poetry. Fluid Ink Press was born out of a desperate need for change in our society. We offer a simple yet effective look at the art of writing poetry and invite those who would like to share their words with the world to contribute, participate and enjoy what is Fluid Ink Press.

Forgotten Ground Regained
Original alliterative poetry in the style of Beowulf or Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Links to translations, original medieval texts, essays, and poetry resources. Submissions welcome.

fragmented light
Haiku, senryu, rensaku and poetry-of-the-moment from a variety of poets. Submissions welcome; see website for details.

Description's as concise as the reader's own categories. Come or not, you won't miss what you don't experience...We'd love for you to get famous. The ground is fertile.

Free Verse Poetry Journal
Poetry magazine, with a message board, free submission of original poems of all forms & tones, and a literary game room.

Fresh! Literary Magazine
Fresh! Literary Magazine is a magazine composed of local Somerville and worldwide writers of short stories, poetry, articles, chapbooks publishing and bookreviews, submissions are welcome. Its founder Shirley Gerald Ware is a published author of two books with a third book forth coming. Fresh! Literary Magazine is an online and quarterly printed publication.

Fresh Poetry
Reviews small press poetry, spoken word, and poetic rap& hip hop. Has an online anthology showcasing spoken word artists and poets from around the world, and a list of open mics in the US.

Friction Magazine
Poetry, Fiction, Art, Photography, Features and Opinion. Submissions welcome. Print version distributed in Kansas City, Missouri.

Frozen Wind Poetry
This site was created to allow amature and professional poets alike to share their poetry with others who are interested. For the newcomers to the world of poetry who are afraid of receiving negative feedback about your poems, you may submit a poem or two anonymously and check back every now and then to see how your work is being received by the readers! Then once your confidence level has risen, you may login and begin submitting poetry under your name, nickname or pen-name...

Funny Poetry
Humorous poetry with an edge. Now featuring Elas Giordano's collection: "Love is All Box and No Cornflakes", with immortal lines such as "your love, like the shock of cold chicken" and "now I know that my life is a metaphor, for something infinitely worse.

FusionInk - an Ezine of poetry
FusionInk - for readers by readers.

Disposable verse, adventures from the edge, frenzies of vice and other tales of degradation... what can be called trash now.

Gnome: the online journal of underground writing
An online publication of underground and experimental writing.

Graphomania, Where the World Meets the Word
An on-line publication for writers driven by the written word. With articles and interviews, literary and experimental short stories and poetry and many other features, Graphomania strives to produce a quality site and publication for those who revere and revel in the joy of language, writing and vision. Graphomania accepts submissions per guidelines as stated on the site.

Grassroots Poetry
Original poetry with links and message board. Submissions wanted.

Grave Times (A Humor Site With Poetry)
Humor, Poetry and a "little" vasectomy story...

Unusual site for readers and writers of Poetry and Short Stories. GravenBook is a collective of works devoted to Disturbance. Catagories include horror, suspense, mystery, and disturbing poetry. WARNING: preview of some of its quality literature is conditional because of its disturbing themes. [Note: Quality, clean works allowed only].

Gravity: A Journal of Online Writing, Music and Art
Publishing bi-monthly - poetry, essays, short fiction, creative nonfiction, reviews, photos, musical scores, manifestos and desperate calls to the void.

Gray Matter Tapestry
Gray Matter Tapestry electronic quarterly journal of poetry and short fiction.

The Green Tricycle
The Green Tricycle is the Fun-to-Read Lit Mag! We offer interactive forums, as well as a quarterly thematic zine. Check the site for the submission guidelines and then send us your best work. Hop on the Green Tricycle for a quick spin around some of the best poetry and prose on the Net!

The Grimoire
A forum for writers to post their work, either poetry or prose, and make it available for others to enjoy and offer their feedback. It's pages will be updated on a monthly basis. Your Submissions are welcome!!

Gryphon Internet Publications
We are interested in providing quality literature for everyone.

Poetry and short fiction by guys over 40. A jaded appreciation of life's little ironies. Poetry for guys with shit under their nails and, perhaps, a little under their hats as well. This is a publication of God's Bar & Grill and God's Bar Press - Virgil Hervey, editor.

Haijinx: putting the hai back in haiku. Haijinx is a new quarterly web journal that focuses on the role of humor in haiku in an effort to keep haiku fresh. The first issue was released on the vernal equinox (March 20), 2001.

The Hand In Hand Newsletter Homepage
A web-based, online (e-mail) newsletter for bereaved children and teens. Submissions of original stories, poetry, artwork, and other creative expressions are always accepted. A grief-support community linked together by the powerful concept of written expression.

Harvest Art E-Zine
Harvet Art features poetry, short stories, columns and visual art by emerging writers and artists. Unsolicited submissions are welcome.

Head in the Clouds
Dynamic Christian poetry and literary magazine features mainly tranditional poetry, open to submissions. Sponsors Clouds Poetry Contest.

Hidden Agendas
Hidden Agendas is an online poetry site dedicated to authors and the free exchange of poetry. There are no cash prizes, no limit to poem length, no end to the amount you can submit, and it's all free. Please come and check it out as the site lives and breathes only by it's authors :)

The Ho!d
Got milk? not only that try poetry, prose, rants, columnists, live contributor readings, book reviews with michael basinski, chapbooks, art, charles bukowski, grafitti message board, links - every other day life on the edge of cherry pie crust - underground /we have one award.

Huma's Eclipse Poetry Journal
Submit!!! Poetry that is . . .and short prose. And maybe we'll publish it.

HumynPress Ink Publishing Company
Monthly poetry release HEART'S VOICE, current and previous contributor's sample poetry -- poetry chapbooks --- mission of publication submission guidelines -- subscription info.

The HyperTexts
An unusual site with some cool features, including an Esoteric page with poems by Albert Einstein and Ben Franklin, a Rock Jukebox, and poetry by outstanding contemporary poets like A. E. Stallings, Annie Finch, Harvey Stanbrough and Alfred Dorn.

Idiolect offers the best in post-language & post-movement art at one convenient location. Founded in 1998, it has featured such poets John M. Bennett, Sheila E. Murphy, Thomas Lowe Taylor, Peter Ganick, Alan Sondheim, Cheryl Townsend, Charles Bernstein, David Baratier, and Elaine Thomas, all presented in dynamic glittering html. Woo Hoo!

Images Inscript
Are you a Poet or short story writer? Do you want feedback on your work? Do you want to be published and possibly be recognized as one of the best? - Then Images Inscript is for you! Images Inscript is an exciting, interactive e-zine that provides a viewing commentary and discussion forum. Completed works can be submitted for possible publication and the chance to be awarded the prize of $50.00 in US funds for the best poem and short story.

In Celebration of Trees
A bi-monthly publication of poetry, art, stories, quotes, etc. all dedicated to TREES. Contributions of art, poetry, etc. on the subject of TREES are always welcome!

Incommunicado Press
Incommunicado Press (aka Severe Literature) is out to subvert the minds and wallets of millions of unsuspecting young readers. How do we do it? With an army of literary terrorists: underground urban novelists, punk rock ranters, white trash debutantes, language deconstructivists, techno-eavesdroppers, trip-hop hipsters and anti-culture clashers.

The Independent Reviews Site
We review book, cd's and films the fall into the indy, alt and cult genres. We also do interviews & features of the same.

Indie Journal
Online publication for independent music, art, poetry and general information for the independent arts. Poetry section is large and growing. Always looking for new poets who would like to post their work.

The Information Highway to Hell
This is not a satanic site. The poetry section has over 1 hour of .mp3 format sound files to LISTEN to - all American and English poets, plus selections from the Bible and humorous short stories. This site is more enjoyable if you have a fast internet connection.

INKBLOTS Magazine at Dreamsbay Media Labs
SALON meets ROLLING STONE meets BOMB: INKBLOTS is a next-generation literary and culture magazine which celebrates works that display 'whimsical elegance' at its finest. We feature articles on writers like Neil Gaiman or Jonathan Carroll, bands like Moxy Fruvous, artists like Don Barnett or Christopher Baldwin, as well as original fiction, poetry, essays, artwork, and critiques of books, music, film and technology. We update irregularly within massive quarterly editions, and are constantly seeking new work for our online or print editions.

inprogress: synchronistic chaos forms
Arts experiment in collection, creation, and juxtaposition, using poetry, prose, graphics, photographs, and links. Content by francis till, michael mcneilley, robyn mcleod, elaine thomas, ray heinrich, brooks mcneilly and others. New content daily. Online renga construction. Submissions in all categories welcome.

Dedicated to Perfection in the Art of Writing.

The Internet Poets' Cooperative: Where writers & Readers Connect
Here you may find poetic manuscripts to explore, or here you may discover MP3's or even video of poets' reading their original work in their own voices. Here you may join with others in online forum critiquing a poet's work in progress in the electronically connected writers group we call the "e-Group." There is even a chat room that can serve as a "virtual coffee house" where you can communicate in real time with other readers or writers. Whether you are a reader, a listener, or a writer please come in and complete the circle of communication that sparks and sputters around the edges of this new center of e-poetry.

International Poets Page
The International Poets Page offers a medium for on-line publication for the best poets who submit short general interest poems to Sunshine Press. New poets are added periodically from the best submissions during the previous weeks. No frills, no ads, just poetry, attractively presented, inviting creative, intelligent interchange among readers and writers.

Interweave (zine)
is a webzine published quarterly of poetry, fiction, and photography. We are continually seeking submissions. Naturally, our publication publishes material of a certain kind, so it is best to check out the webzine before submitting.

Invisible Summer
Invisible Summer is a website dedicated to everything pop culture and high culture. Contained within the site are extensive reviews, previews and features on pop culture and high culture of the past present and future. Invisible Summer is also focused on exposing artists of all types, including poets.

IPM (Internet Poetry Magazine)
IPM (Internet Poetry Magazine) is dedicated to getting the best poets into print, from the totally unknown to the nearly famous. IPM contains not only poetry written by some of the best poets online but also essential tips and news in our Feature Column, interviews with publishers and published poets alike and links to all the most essential poetry resources around. If it`s poetry that you want then IPM (Internet Poetry Magazine) is the place to come for it.

Island Hills Books
Island Hills Books is a publication house, distribution center and showcase for both poetry and prose conceived in the spirit of the Sacred Earth. Feel free to experience the matrix of luminous possibilities here on the Island.

Island Life
A quarterly on-line journal of freeverse modern poetry. Edited by John Kusch.

JACK Magazine
It's where the definition of the Beat Generation is redefined and expanded to embrace a creative movement that goes beyond personality wedged in time categories and public relations concepts. See site for submission guidelines. Quarterly publication.

JenniJas's Poetry Spot
A place to read poetry, submit poetry for online publication. With poems from people all over the world and some of mine as well, and yours if you like.

Jitter-bug's Nest
I will publish your poetry on my website. Please email your poems to me along with any graphics you wish to include. Please limit graphic size to 100K due to allowable server space...

The Journal
The Journal features underground poetry, online journals, artist of the month, artist interviews, art galleries and ebooks.

We are a new web magazine in need of writers, all kinds of writers. This is a no pay freelance thing, so if you want to be published read the submission guidelines online.

Junkyard Blues
Free personalised poetry. Poetry requested by, written for and about real people with real lives.

Karawane: Or, the Temporary Death of the Bruitist
Karawane: Or,the Temporary Death of the Bruitist is a literary magazine devoted to artists who perform their work in public: poets, playwrights, performance artists, etc. We feature experimental work and are spoken word more in the sense of Cabaret Voltaire than a poetry slam. View work from previous issues, featured artists, and find out how to submit via the website.

ken*again, the literary magazine
A quarterly, nonprofit e-zine presenting a hearty, eclectic mix of prose, poetry, art and photography: accessible, obscure, soothing, disturbing. Wrap your mind around a good read. Submissions invited:
see our Contact page for guidelines.

Kiss Me, Son of God
A site based upon a campus 'zine that publishes anything that is sent in related to poetry, at least until we get enough submissions as to warrant discretion. Until then, there is an offer to buy the Editor's book, many archived issues, and tons of great poetry and artwork. Hope to see you there.

Kookamonga Square
Kookamonga Square is an award-winning poetry site at Yahoo!Geocities. It welcomes poetry of all styles, and provides readers with Featured Poets, Anthology Poets, a Listening Room, and Art, as well. In just over a year Kookamonga Square has blossomed into one of the finest poetry sites on the web, receiving praise from Poetry Online Today, Suite101.com, and Arisilon Publishing.

The Labyrinth
For the very best in slam and performance poetry -- enter The Labyrinth!

Late August
A website devoted to the amateur creative writer. Following acceptance of submissions, each person will be alotted their own page on the Late August website to which they can add, via additional submissions, new poetry or creative writings. A page with high standards in regards to creative writing, seeking only the best in amateur work.

The Lavender Lounge@ the Omnisapien Underground
Privy yourself to the master-peace work of Omnisapien poetry and stuff! These are the New-beat writers of this generation, but not only do they beat but they whistle as well! Hop on The Omnisapien Orb of Discourse to Share Poetry and discussion at the Purplemonkey dishwasher or the Nerve Junction.. Hang your art-work at the Google-heim clique or just hang-out on the museum benches and scribble-inspiration. After words you can go hang out at the Coffee and tea-house for some casual discussion. Or if you want something real-time, there is even a chat-rom An entire artists community!

Le Chantier, kafÈ-bistro-virtuel
Le Chantier is a virtual kafÈ, a place where you can go to enjoy some kool art, poetry, photography, and other unusual types of writing and artistic expression. In English and Spanish. Le Chantier es un kafÈ virtual, un lugar adonde puedes ir para disfrutar del arte, la poesÌa, la fotografÌa y otros tipos de expresiÛn artÌstica.

Legacy Memoirs
Publisher of life stories and autobiographies. Poets deserve to be remembered, too. Who is going to tell your story if you don't? We are soon going to add a section for poetry on MEMORIES. Check it out!

Life in a Small Town - a Writer's Resource
A web site for writers and poets writing on the subject of life in a small town. Reference guide to on-line writing workshops. Small town photography and quotes from small town newspapers.

Lilliput Review
Lilliput Review is a print magazine founded in 1989 and dedicated to the short poem. The magazine's normal format, 4.25" x 3.5", reflects its name and that focus. It is published every 90 or so days, two issues at a time, approximately 8 to 10 per year, with every 4th issue currently being a broadside featuring a single poet.

Liquid Glyph
Chicago writer and filmmaker Larry Winfield's bimonthly webzine that accepts poetry and prose submissions, notices, essays, political cartoons and photos.

Lisa's Vintage Cafe
Indulge in the aroma of sweet coffee...revel in the rhapsody of verse. Vintage and modern poetry for all lovers of verse. Submit your own poetry!

Literature Nation
Music occasioned for the new era, the era of forgetfulness & babelspeak, letterforms garbled as we write, a beforeness measures the silence, parade drums harping a monkey beat, a music so curious as to alter the waves pounding the icicle shoreline.

A Little Poetry
This is a Perpetual Po-e-Zine dedicated to presenting a wide variety of quality contemporary poetry by poets around the world, from famous faces to burgeoning beginners.

"...dedicated to promoting quality spoken word and providing an interface for poets and their audiences." - Gabrielle Bouliane, founder

Lore of a Vengeful Night
A surrealistic journey into modern poets minds. Light and Dark merge as one ...Lore of a Vengeful Night~Opening minds through poetic sublimy.

contemporary poesy and art

Low Profile Press
Low Profile Press is a new Southern California Small Press. First publication is "A Wonderful Life in our Lives" by Nelson Gary. Read excerpts, author info, and order copies online.

The LUMMOX Anthology
The best of the first year of LUMMOX Journal featuring all the interviews (L.J. Albertano, David Holmes, Steve Abee, Gerald Locklin, Bill Shields, Rimbaud, Hayely Mitchell, Bukowski, Jay Alamares) as well as articles by Mike Meloan, Doug Knott, Jay Alamares, S.A. Griffin and Raindog.

Lynx: Poetry from Bath
My occasional magazine which has a core of critical articles on poetry. The first two issues are now available.

Web site for the hard copy magazine of poetry, short fiction, art and humor. Award winning site with samples of feature columns, cartoons, poetry and stories.

An on-line quarterly of literary and visual arts. Featuring poetry, visual arts and critical writing. Editor/publisher, Deb King: Poetry Editor, Chris Tysh.

Masthead Literary Arts Magazine
Poetry, poetics, essays, fiction, theatre. Online version of the Australian print journal. Contributors include established and new writers from all over the world. Issue 1 on line includes work by Les Murray, Mauricio Kagel, Marjorie Agosin, Kris Hemensley, Alison Croggon, Daniel Keene and Leonard Abrams, plus details on Issue 2.

Maudlin Street Press -- Avalon Poetry Journal
Publishers of Avalon are seeking submissions from both unpublished and established poets. After six years in print, Avalon is now offered exclusively online. We also present the Avalon Award for Poetry to high-quality poetry sites, and offer low-cost chapbook publishing.

melange | A Journal of the Written Arts
melange--a print and online literary quarterly--features a unique medley of poetry, essays, and short fiction from emerging independent authors worldwide.

The Melic Review
Finished second for "Most Popular Webzine" in PSH's most recent annual vote. Need we say more? "Craftmanship with heart": MELIC = Meaning, Economy, Lyricism, Ingenuity, and Clarity. It also means "to be sung" in Greek. Come visit or post your work at the Roundtable [if you can stand the pace there ;-)].

Mi Poesias Poetry Zine
Quarterly poetic on-Line magazine. Submit your poems or post in the open-forum. Features include Poetry Art Studies, Poetry Board's Top Ten Bi-Weekly, Poem of the Week selected from our contributors in our community. We participate as well in the IPBC.

Mind Haven: Where Thoughts Take Flight
'The piece of me that you see, is not the whole of me'. Publish your favorite works at my site. Soon to be an online magazine featuring writers of every genre.

Explores the meaning of life, the universe, and our all too human condition, through music, art, poetry, and the time honored tradition of story telling.

Monica's Expresso Cafe
A virtual visit to an eclecticl poetry cafe, including original works, a trip to NYC, 2 poetry reading rooms, a visit with Robert Frost and Dylan Thomas, spiritual poetry (complete with "Icons"), writers' tips and famous quotations, and believe it or not, MUCH MORE--all enjoyed to the background of jazz. You can literally hear the coffee perking if you choose...

Moondance: Celebrating Creative Women
Moondance is an ezine of outstanding visual arts and literary creations that glorify women and gives their voice to important issues. Features include Fiction, Non-fiction, Columns, Opinions, Poetry, Short Subjects and an impressive array of links.

Moveo Angelus Literary Arts
Quarterly on line and print publication featuring prose, poetry from new and established writers, and original artwork. Submissions of previously unpublished work are welcome during two-month reading window. Site also has bbs for posting writing and a chat room.

Mungo vs. Ranger Online
Monthly e-zine featuring monthly installments of work from the quarterly lit journal, Mungo vs. Ranger. Small-press poets and fiction writers and talented unknowns from across the country and around the world. Also site and online project lit reviews, small-press book reviews, and the sale of fine letterpress broadsides and our print magazine. Not a placemarker for a print mag that wants exposure -- aims to be a legitimate web monthly that distills and expands on work from our print source.

Munsee Underground
Community poetry site. Users can add poetry of their own and comment on others.

Muscling Tenses
A monthly magazine of poetry so good you can actually understand it. Submissions more than welcome but visit the site to see the kind of stuff that we do.

Muse's Kiss
Webzine of Poetry and Fiction. Published online quarterly. See website for submission guidelines. Past published authors / poets have included James C. Speegle, Jon Mathewson, John Sweet, LB Sedlacek, Janet I. Buck and DF Lewis.

Nagoya Writes!
Nagoya Writes publishes fiction, poetry, and essays twice a year. We believe that literature should be free (just like your local library) so we give away copies locally and publication is paid for by local sponsors. We accept submissions from anyone who has bothered to check our current theme and submission guidelines (see webpage). Started by a mixed, and occasionally mixed-up, group of ex-pats in Nagoya years ago, Nagoya Writes continues to thrive in its local environment even as it expands to notify the world that as advertisement bombards us daily, so might literature.

Words are bare necessities. Read. Review. Submit.

The New Dawn
A publication dedicated to bringing artists people and the world closer 2gether. Offering up a New Way of Thinking. The gathering has already surpassed 15 thousand.

New World Poetry
An electronic publication of contemporary poetry featuring both established poets and emerging voices.

Niagara Falls Poetry Project
Poems and poetry of Niagara River and Niagara Falls, Battle of Lundy's Lane, War of 1812, historical events, romantic and descriptive poems.

Nikline Hillbight
New zine/gallery publishing artwork, poetry, and other stuff. Mainly interested in anything experimental, sloppy, or stuff that makes you wet your pants and eat your nasty boogers. Also interested in experimental avant garde music.

Ninian's Poetry Cafe
Ninian's Poetry Cafe chat and message boards has expanded to include an on-line literary journal. We are accepting poetry, short fiction and artwork. Please see our submissions page http://ninianspoetrycafe.com/submissions.html for details!

no alibi press
An on-line 'zine for poetry that focuses on social issues. We accept submissions of poetry written in English, French and Spanish. We also accept a limited amount of artwork for publication.

Nom de Plume
A website designed to allow young Australian poets to display their poetry in a new medium. In the chaotic spirit of the 1997/98 LOUD festival, this service is free. Anonymity is acceptable, and ANYTHING goes...

The North Georgia Poetry Page
This is a site for all southern (Georgian in particular) poets. Let me add you to the list, and maybe even put up a few poems for you if you don't have a site with them that I can link to. Everyone is invited!

Online poetry magazine interested in works in all languages.

The Notebook
Funny poetry that has Shakespeare spinning in his grave.

The Obscure Poet
A bi- monthly newsletter presenting the work of poets living or not who
the editors feel deserve wider recognition and readership. Our choices, though subjective as that process is, reflect our own reading and study. The Editors: Lee LaMarr and V.B. Hazard

OnCue Magazine
An on-line literary magazine publishing the finest poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Always seeking new writers and readers.

One World Poetry
One World Poetry is based on creative expression, using word and imagery.  We accept submissions of any style of writing, and have many unique and resourceful features for the lover of poetic expression.

OnLine Poetry...
These pages were created with the intent of having individuals express their feelings for others to see. Feel free to have your poem written on the brick walls or to read one already painted upon them. Enjoy!

Optic Magazine
Optic is a new magazine of literary and cultural adventure. We publish writing that takes risks from promising new writers in a stylish format. Optic performs exploratory surgery on our day to day world, bringing you people who are living on the edge and making an art of it.

A webzine for art, poetry, fiction and bedlam.

Our Dead World
Online poetry publication aimed at the darker, more experimental said of the written word. All submissions welcome.

oUt oF yOuR sHeLL inc.
Independant Record label and Publishing company...

Pacific Review
Pacific Review is the annual literary publication managed, edited, and produced by students and graduates of San Diego State University. Pacific Review seeks to provide an eclectic mix of emerging voices with well-known authors.

Painted Bride Quarterly
PBQ is the nation's oldest non-university affiliated literary journal, publishing both established and emerging writers and artists.

Pale Forest
Wander through a forest of poetry.

Panic! Brixton Poetry
Panic! Brixton Poetry, founded in 1998, is a print magazine and e-zine of poetry and art dedicated to the myriad voices of Brixton, South London and beyond. Over 30 poets, seven visual artists and several short story writers are featured. Panic! is committed to free expression and a radical engagement against oppression.

The Park Ezine
An international publication from a growing global community.. Poems abound, as well as reader-continuated prose, and articles, news and editorial, on the latest happenings globally. One people, one planet, one community... And poetry that reflects such.

Passions of Poetry
Poems for the people, by the people. Interactive - email a poem to a friend, vote for a poem, submit your own, or participate in one of our discussion forums. Also includes a searchable database of over 1,000 classical poems.

pd's Disability Poetry Online
A Place to Share Our Minds and Clear Our Minds...

The Pedestal Magazine
TPM is an online literary magazine that publishes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

The Pen and The Parable
New E-zine for those who celebrate the written word. Looking for submissions in poetry, short story, essays, humor and articles. Come join us and watch us grow!

pen. paper. ink.
An e-zine for unrecognized writers and artists.

PenmeN Writings Inc
PenmeN Writings Inc / ~the pen is mightier than the sword~ / ~but the words are stronger than the war~

Percival and Penelope, Frogs in Space
A children's book about two frogs and their space adventures. Published on the Peace Frogs web site in installments.

Peshekee River Poetry
Poetry ezine. Open to all forms of poetry all of the time.

Pif Magazine
Pif publishes only the best poetry, fiction, and commentary on the Web. We offer a wide array of other fine fares, including book and movie reviews, as well as rants by some of the maddest writers around. Check us out, you'll be glad you did.

Original poetry and short prose pieces by new poets and authors, as well as previously published poetry and prose by well-established writers (such as Russell Edson, Jim Carroll, George Oppen, Charles Simic). no pablum. no poems about being a poet. just pith...

Planetary Poetry Society: Ezine Of Postmodern Literature
PPS is a quarterly ezine of postmodern literature, specializing in surrealism, existentialism & stream of consciouness technique. We seek writing with depth that effects our readers.

Poems Niederngasse
A monthly poetry magazine featuring quality poetry from new as well as experienced poets. A cash poetry prize is offered two times a year. See website for complete details. Editions online in English/German/Spanish

Poesia.com is a 3-monthly Argentine and Latin American poetry cyberzine that includes unreleased poems, soon to be published poetry books and complete versions of out-of-print or hard to get books. Also includes a 22,000 poems forum, an art gallery with animations, photo and oil painting.

POESY Magazine
From Boston to Santa Cruz; Publlishing Poets Across America. An anthology of poetry with reviews, articles and interviews reliving the beat era of tomorrow. Check out Lyn Lifshin, A.D. Winans, Normal....and more.

Poetically Speaking
Poetically Speaking is a weekly publishing poetry site offering lyrics on love, life and spirituality. Featuring the poetry of Latorial Faison and special guests. News, Contests and more! Subscribe today.

All the news from one of SoCal's hottest readings poeticLicense at the Moondog Cafe in Hollywood. Online features, readings, photos, poetry, gossip, news and a comprehensive chapbook section. Make PLNEWS a must read. Comes out weekly.

Poetic Dreamer
If you enjoy writing poetry, reading poetry, and listening to poetry, then this site is for you! Our resident poets are published in anthologies, have authored books, are Poet Laureates, and are board members for poet organizations. We accept poems for online publishing and we have an internationally known celebrity guest poet.

Poetic Dreamscapes Online Poetry Journal
A monthly poetry journal filled with awards, contests, featured poets and websites, writing & publishing tips, writers resources, classic poets, short stories, an art gallery, an open poetry forum and more!

Poetic Reflections
Poetry, presentations, awards, contests, large, strong, and standing.

Poetic Whisper
Poetry Ezine.

Poetically Speaking
Featuring the Poem of the Week, Poetry by Latorial Faison and Special Guest Poets. News, Events, Reviews, Contests and more. Subscribe to Poetically Speaking today!

The Poet's Canvas
Published bimonthly, Poet's Canvas adds its voice in bringing fresh and innovative creativity to the on-line community of poets and writers. We feature great contemporary poetry from the vast reaches of the Internet, regular contests, and an interactive writing forum. Submissions of poetry, opinions & articles of current interest, and original artwork are welcome. Please refer to our submissions page for guidelines.

The Poet's Corner - America's Grassroots Poetry and Story Site
The Poet's Corner is for poetry lovers and writers. Poetry lovers will be exposed to the best grassroots writer's in the world. The writer's often get feedback from the many visitor's to The Poet's Corner. There is a difference, see it for yourself!

The Poet's Haven
Poetry, fiction, art, book reviews, chat, message boards, quotes, lyrics, features, and much more. Submissions always welcome!

Poets Online
Offering poetry inspiration every 2 weeks through a poetry prompt and model and the opportunity to post your own response. Extensive archive of writing prompts and models.

The Poet's Porch
HomePages of some the greatest poets from around the world.They are listed as Resident Poets of The Poet's Porch. The Quill poet, RhymeMaster, Phattkat, Larry Jaffe, Val Mangnuson and Donald Somersett just to name a few. The Poet's Porch maintains a high standard for poetry while allowing young and upcoming poets to submit for monthly on-line publication. Every thirty days you will find new writings. The Poet's Porch does not archive on the site. The Poet's Porch does archive poetry in files at The Poet's Porch under poets names, pen, and under their Poet's Porch ID number.

The Poet's Tongue
Experimental colorful explosive artistic subliminal. progressively delicious!

Poetry Cafe
Poetry Cafe publishes contemporary poetry, promotes literary community, and maintains a library of online resources. We publish both established poets and talented newcomers, sponsor live netcasts on the internet, maintain an online forum, and continually add new features.

Poetry Calendar
The online home of the Poetry Calendar, the first literary anthology to combine a practical week-at-a-glace datebook with a new poem every week. The site includes poems from past contributors, a description of the upcoming issue, subscription information and submission guidelines, plus links to dozens of poet's pages and online poetry periodicals.

Poetry of Denmark
About 20 Danish authors submitted their work in a Danish poetry-related conference. These poems are know collected in Poetry of Denmark. Of course, most poems are in Danish, but some are in English.

Poetry Downunder
Western Ausralia, Australia.....Poetry site, open to all Poets' world wide...... Quality links..to Reputable online publishers, and Hell, great links, to visit a great state 3 times the size a TEXAS.....

The Poetry Files
Submit you poetry and read work by other poets from around the world. Interact on The Poetry Files message board and more!!!

The Poetry Forum
"THE POETRY FORUM" wants to post your original poetry online!!! TPF is accepting entries for its "Poem of the Month Award," which includes not only your poem posted on the front page of the poetry forum, but a link to your email address (optional) for critiques and compliments of your poem. Also, you can be featured in the "Poets of the Month" section where you can explain your motivation behind writing your poem (and poetry in general) and any tips you may have for aspiring poets.

Poetry Life & Times
An illustrated online poetry journal with interviews, articles and letters.

Poetry Midwest
Poetry Midwest, the downloadable online journal, of poetry and micro-fiction. Published three times a year in PDF format. Submissions considered on a rolling basis. See website for full submission guidelines.

Poetry Planet
This site has been designed for all poets and lovers of poetry. Here you can submit your own work, read others, receive a free newsletter, joing our ranking system or visit other carefully selected links.

This is the new URL for PoetryRepairShop-- 48 pages, no games no frames just poets touching up, wrenching, screwing, hammering, rewiring to RepairYourMind. Stop in for an overhaul.

Poetry and Science zine
Publish poetry that comes to terms with science or technology. Make poetry about science and technology more accessible. Encourage writers to turn to science and technology for inspiration, introspection, analysis and reflection. Narrow the gulf between the Two Cultures. Expose scientists and users of technology to the specialized craft of poetry. Mitigate the marginalization of poetry among technology-facile segments of culture. Encourage the use of cognitive science and other science-based subdisciplines of psychology in poetry. Enhance awareness of poetic epistemology.

Poetry Today
Features a new poem online, everyday. Includes a member mailing list where suggestions and submissions can be sent.

A UK based poetry site reaching out to the poets of the world.

Poetry Today Online
We are a poetry newsletter providing valuable information to our fellow poets. Our newsletter contains current poetry new, contest listing, reader poetry submissions, a monthly motivation piece, interviews with publishers of poetry, a large resource directory and much much more. We accept submissions from our readers and feature a *local* web poet each month. We are forever growing and with our readers' help will become the most informative site on the web for poets of all genres.

Poetry Tonight
Spend the night with a poet -- an ongoing ezine dedicated to showcasing the very best poets or the ones we happen to like. PT also offers forums, a chatroom and more. It's a new site, growing rapidly!

Poetry USA
The San Francisco-based National Poetry Association's poetry journal since 1985 is now online as a brand new website featuring original, goose-bump-producing poems by adults and young people from all over the United States. The sleekly designed website also includes original photographs, animated poems and editorial information about Poetry USA, which for many years has provided a common space for the diversity of poetic voices that make up the American experience.

Poetry in theWORDshop
theWORDshop publishes three snailmail poetry mags: Sijo West, WHUP!, and The TOP. All three are featured on this site, along with more good poetry stuff. The guy who runs all this is Larry Gross, whose book HOW TO WRITE AND PUBLISH POETRY is popular with poets in seven countries. You can sample some of that book here, too.

Poetry! Yes! Now!
Poetry! Yes! Now! is a poetry site. I have included poetry written by professional writers who've graciously allowed me to publish their poems on my site, and also, I will publish any amateur poetry that I happen to like if it's submitted to me with permission to publish. It's a fairly new site, just getting it's feet wet, but seems to be well liked.

Poetry Free-for-All
Submit your poems for instant publication and comment on the Poetry Free-for-All. Read and comment on the best poetry, and the worst poetry, that the mad poets and poetasters of the Internet have to offer.

Poetry.St Corner
Poetry.St Corner - where ideas arrive. A weekly e-zine showcasing poetry, prose, and verse via e-mail. Every week you can receive the featured poem or verse that Poetry.St Corner showcases. Submissions for the publication are readily accepted and guidelines are available online.

Poetry Webring Webzine
Brought to you from the maintainers of the Poetry Webring,The Poetry Webring Webzine is a quarterly publication, with occasional specials, showcasing a mix of both established writers and new talent. Submissions currently being accepted - please see our submissions page for details.

Poetry and You
A free site for submitting poetry for publication on the site. Several categories of poetry. Featuring 'Ten of The Best' poems each month. Friendly,colourful, fun site. Easy to use site. Personally maintained regularly.

POETRYBAY, an online publication for the 21st century
Poetrybay is an online publication presenting some of the finest poetry being written today by emerging and established poets, as well as essays, reviews and commentary. the site also is the electronic home to long island quarterly, a hard copy publication serving the long island region since 1990; and a location listing chapbooks and anthologies offered by birnham wood graphics. poetrybay is a product of birnham wood graphics, inc., george wallace publisher.

Poetryvideo.com shows videos of poets performing. While watching a poet's video, people can read one of their poems, a summary of their work, often an interview, a biography and see what chapbooks and other stuff the poet has for sale.

The Poet's Comic Strip
The Poet's Comic Strip depicts lighter-side of the literary life. Also, the bumpy relationship between writer and muse. The Poet's Comic Strip appears every two weeks.

The Poets' Corner
Submit your original poems here to share online around the world! Dozens of categories available, as well as collected works.

The Poet's Cut
Poetry that reflects the original voice and vision of the poet. Published monthly.

P O E T S on the Line
Poets on the line is a continuing poetry anthology available only on the Net since 1995

Poets, fiction writers, essayists, reviewers, literature from Alicia Ostriker, Karen Swenson, Daniela Gioseffi, Grace Paley, Rochelle Ratner, Enid Dame, Jennifer Ley, Gabrielle LeMay, Pwu Jean Lee, Madeline Tiger, Myra Shapiro and more.

Pogonip The-eZine
Poetry, art, photography and fiction, mixed with experimental HTML design--Pogonip has been on the web 4-1/2 years, and we just keep growing with the times!

Pop Poets and Pop Gun Poetry Ezine
Pop Poets Poetry Magazine publishes "Pop Poets" -- offline publication and "Pop Gun" E-zine. Past published poets include Virgil Suarez, Jarret Keene, Stephenie Hemphill, Ryan G. Van Cleeve, Shane Allison and Leigh Kirkland. Pop Gun Ezine is published quarterly.

Post Poems
Post your poems free, for all to see. Sign up, and you can be, a world famous poet, don't you know-it. Anyone can view, and critique; simply use the search form to start your seek!

Potpourri Romance Online
Online collection of romantic poetry and short fiction published periodically. Various styles and authors. Poetry should be romantic in nature, free form and may be unpublished or published work. Poets/writers retain all copyrights. Submission guidelines at site. Includes greeting card shop featuring original poetry by contributors and classical artwork by John William Waterhouse.

Praxi Magazine (poetry, articles)
Praxi Magazine, poetry, articles volume no1, Lefevre, Debord, Breton, Valaoritis, Pagoulatos, Chrisostomidis, Papalexandrou, Barzouka.

Pride & Imprints
Established in 1989, Pride & Imprints is an international not-for-profit publishing and production house dedicated to projects with revolutionary twists. We hope our work sheds light on misconceptions with explosive results and gives voice to those who have been silenced.

The Prose Menagerie
Original poetry/stories/novels/prose essays -- Net Notes, bi-weekly essays/personal reflections about the Internet and being online. Regular features include: frequently updated, new stories/poetry/novels/essays; links to online authors/public domain reading; art gallery by Toshi; theories about origins of the universe; penpals/email links; freebie stuff and links to free graphics; much more!

A Montreal-based e-zine where poetry and fiction breathe. Forget about the meaning of words...use the power of their imagery. It features fiction, co-authored poetry, and solo-poetry. It also includes an online interactive poetry page designed by Ann Cantelow. PYROWORDS offers a vibrant platform for new and established writers.

Queen Bee Publishing
Unpublished and published writers may post their writing here for a small html coding fee. Poems, songs, short stories, books, and home pages for writers. Get your own web page and link it to all of your writing!

Radio Free Nation
Radio Free Nation is a news and commentary website. The webmaster wants to feature prose and poetry that function as political and social commentary on the USA and life in the USA.

Ralph Haselmann Jr.'s Lucid Moon Poetry Magazine The Web Site
An extensive online version of Ralph Haselmann's quarterly poetry magazine Lucid Moon, this site features new poems each month, a catalog for Lucid Moon, a catlog, poetry page and photo album for my friends at Dave and Ana Christy at Alpha Beat Press, a Lucid Moon chat room, Be a Lucid Moon Art Patron, other cool web site links and poetry resources, and a fun animated colored cartoon on each area, a really cool poetry web site!

Random Thoughts
Random Thoughts is an interactive e-zine, that focus on arts, collaborative visual poetry, guest artists, znbox:music, various features of interest from books, comics anime and movies. Webviews, a review of what's best on the web.

A journal of contemporary literature which includes a CD featuring the poets reading their selected work. Each issue features poetry, art and short fiction.

Ray Stebbing's Poetry Pages
Poems and other writings by Ray Stebbing, Harlow Writers' Workshop and The Harlow Five. The Tetractys - a new poetic form. Submit your own work for possible publication on the website or in AsWellas Magazine.

Reading Room
Hear RealAudio Poetry Readings; Audition to present one of your own. Currently featured ~ Texas poet, Larry Fontenot

Online magazine devoted to contemporary poetry. Interviews, essays and reviews. First issue includes interviews w/Charles Bernstein, Mary Burger, Nada Gordon, Ange Mlinko, Alan Sondheim & more ...

Recursive Angel
RA specializes in the cutting edge of poetry, fiction and art. Our goal is to publish experimental works of all genres and promote the arts in this new forum of technology.

Renegade Poets
A place for unpublished poets to have a voice! Email me with your submissions and I will publish them.

The Rose & Thorn (A Literary E-zine)
The Rose & Thorn showcases emerging and established writers in a variety of genres, including short fiction, poetry, creative essays, humor, author interviews, writing tips and anything else of interest to a literary audience. You'll also find writers' resources, a FREE information-packed newsletter for readers, writers and media professionals, and dynamic, interactive content for the literary community.

Sacred City Online--A Magazine of Exquisite Beauty and Terror
Sacred City, which during it's print run managed to garner quite a bit of positive praise is now online. Sacred City has always been known for it's high-calibre writing and unique sense of humor. We are now also publishing poetry. Writers are encouraged to submit. Sacred City is a Sixty Centigrams Publication.

Samsara Quarterly
Samsara seeks to be a subversive alternative to mainstream. Currently new in the zine world and still a bit pupa, we are interested in seeing experimental, eccentric and riveting works from poets, artists and creators who embrace diversity in every direction.

The Sanctuary
Alright, we admit it, this won't be a great site until September. This young poet zine comes straight from West Virginia, just to prove to the world that we are literate!

Santa Fe Poetry Broadside
Santa Fe Poetry Broadside is published six times a year. Each issue features twelve poems, either in anthology or the work of a single author. We are in the tradition of the mimeo revolution broadside, bringing what suits us to our readers, and focus primarily on the work of New Mexico and Southwestern poets.

Scars Publications
Houses the literary magazine "Children, Churches and Daddies." A site for poetry links, free poetry related stuff, poetry virtual postcards, interactive group poetry, poetry games and a guest book where you can post poetry on the web immediately.

Scribe Magazine
Scribe Magazine is a online publication that supports the Upper Desert area as well as all of Southern California.. Poetry submissions are always welcome. critiques, and articles are welcome too!!!!

The Scriberazone
The Scriberazone is a UK-based Online poetry (& other vibes) publication. The material on this site is fresh, funky, intelligent and soulful. We are also seeking submissions from UK poets.

sendecki: an anthology
An anthology of poetry and art from writers and artists in Canada and abroad. Attempts to fuse visual forms and the written word. Irregularly, yet frequently updated. Submissions encouraged!

The 7th-Circle
Poetry for the mind, soul, and heart. Realease from modern day stress and hardships.

Sex In Public
An Arts-integration organization, promoting creative expression through our bimonthly literary publication and open mic event, as well as our website.

Shadyvale Press
Shadyvale Online Poetry Magazine, Annual Angel.ink Poetry Contest, Angel.ink Poetry Site Awards. Through our online quarterly magazine, we offer an opportunity for online publishing of works by talented poets. Our contest offers small cash awards, with no entry fee. Our site awards recognize quality poetry web sites. Your submissions are welcome at any time.

Shawn Donavan Truesdells' Poem Page
A great place to relax in a calm atmosphere, read poems and submit poems which you have written or have moved you in some way.

A collection of the best short stories from sites and ezines around the Internet plus short stories published for the first time on ShortStory.org.

Sick Puppy Press
Sick Puppy Press puts out a large amount of select modern poetry on a regular basis.

Slipstream Poetry Web Site
Founded in 1980, Slipstream features the work of both new and established writers. Charles Bukowski, Gerald Locklin, Wanda Coleman, Lyn Lifshin, Kurt Nimmo, and Sherman Alexie are among the many writers whose work has appeared in the pages of Slipstream. Slipstream welcomes the submission of poetry, short fiction (up to 15 pages), and black and white photography or artwork throughout the year. All rights revert to author upon publication and payment is one copy of the issue in which your work appears.

Soft Skull Press
Soft Skull Press publishes fearless, anti-fascist, punk rock, hip hop nonfiction and literature. Soft Skull Press won the Firecracker Alterative Book award this June for "Outstanding Independent Press of the Year." Soft Skull has been featured on 60 Minutes, Court TV, and the New York Times, and received intense media coverage for our publication of Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President. Our popular titles include No More Prisons by William Upski Wimsatt, and You Don't Have to Fuck People Over to Survive by Seth Tobocman.

Some Words: A Place for Poetry
Some Words showcases poetry by emerging, established and well known poets. We prefer free-verse, experimental and interesting works of no more than 40 lines. We will consider anything of exceptional quality, however. We take submissions of art as well. Query first. Contact the editor by email or submit poems using the form.

Songs of the Soul
Compilation of poetry and other literature.

An online anthology of upcoming and emerging poets from all over this great land of ours.

An almost weekly poetry ezine that publishes short poems, reviews and essays on poetry and art in general. The site is kept simple to highlight the poetry.

Stark Raving Sanity
Stark Raving Sanity - The Journey Inside. An online showcase of previously unpublished works by authors with a flair for the unusual. Submissions for the publication are readily accepted and guidelines are available online.

Online web space for artists and photographers...also yearly anthology published.. see Starsaga Publications.

The Steel Point Poetry Quarterly
A hip new literary poetry journal appearing in January, April, July, and October. This eclectic quarterly is open to all genres and offers a Steel Point Poetry ($) Award. We also publish literary reviews of poetry. And we're looking to hear from you.

StellaLuna-Poetry Circle/Circulo de Poesia
Seeking poets who wish to share their creations with others. All forms and style of poetry are accepted, beginners are welcomed, comments on poems already posted are wanted and anyone may add a link to their personal poetry sites to ours! We also invite those who wish to post poetry events happening in their area to our site. We would especially like to see more goth/vampyric/romantic/pagan/occult poetry within our site.

Stirring : A Literary Collection
Stirring is a monthly, online literary collection which prides itself in collecting the best of the web's burgeoning writers for publication. Typically it publishes a script, several short stories, and around ten poems each issue. Stirring also offers free literary critiques and link exchanges.

Stone Skin Stories
Stone Skin Stories wants to publish everyone, but this is impossible. Some choices must be made. While we don't judge a writer's talent, we do prefer works which possess style and a sense of raw and demented humor. We like sex and satire in our stories and poems. If you send us a work with both sex AND satire, youíll make our day. Gratuitous sex and violence are welcome.

Stories and poems, Aurelius Publishing
English pages on the site of Flemish publisher Aurelius Publishing. They contain poems and stories in English by authors -mostly amateurs - from all over the world.

Stovepiper Books: Something Fresh Every Day
What You Want, When You Want It, Stovepiper Books is open 24-7 and conveniently located in the San Fernando Valley. We are stocked fresh with Mike Daily's book Valley, the STOVEPiPER anthology and his free over-the-counter publication SPUN. Photos and transcripts from Daily's readings in San Francisco and Portland appear on the site, plus an interview with Neeli Cherkovski, poet and Bukowski biographer. You are encouraged to leave graffiti in the Ghetto Chat Room.

Stupid Poetry
This site contains and ever increasing number of funny poems. Visitors are invited to sit back, kick off their shoes, pour a large drink and submit their own funny words. A really friendly site!

The Susquehanna Quarterly
An online magazine for new traditional poetry - publishing excellent verse in the time-honored forms and meters as well as new forms.

Swagazine focuses on prose and poetry both as art forms and entertainment media. Here we examine the dynamic relationship between the mind and the voice; between the conscience of people and the standards of mass society; between the message of the endangered individual and the moronic giant of popular opinion.

Symmetry Associates
Three books of original sonnets, bio of the author, creed

Talus and Scree
A semi-annual international literary journal that publishes poetry, short fiction, memoir vingnettes, interviews, reviews, cartoons, photographs and line drawings. We're looking for high quality material that sparks controversy and indicates the writer is taking risks. Both internet excerpts and a print edition are produced.

Tangled Web of Despair
Original Poetry and Poetry Submission. Cool Gothic Gallery and electronic Pen-Pals

Taoism & Poetry
Chinese and Japanese literature and philosphy. Periodical haiku contest, book reviews and more ...

Davka magazine goes E. Lenny Bruce, Annie Sprinkle, David Mamet, Alan Kaufman, Tony Kushner, Klezmatics, Alisa Solomon,, Al Goldstein, Leonard Nimoy, M.C.Serch, Kathy Acker, Hal Sirowitz and much much more...PLUS: Jewz in Hip Hop; Jewz in Heat; Art, Klez, Comics...YOW!

Teen Poets
A place 4 teenz to come read and submit their writings!!!!!

TESTEM: The Ethereal Serials & The Eclectic Metrics
Serial stories, metrical poetry, revolutionary essays. Multiracial, transgendered, pansexual, interfaith, and semi-automatic. So diverse we contradict ourselves.

A quarterly poetry e-zine that welcomes submissions from both new and established poets. Edited by Mark Everett.

Three Candles: a poetry journal
New poems for the new millenium.

Three Smiles
Three Smiles is a poetry and art zine distributed throughout the Boston, MA area. A web version of each issue is also published online. Send us stuff!

Thunder Sandwich
Thunder Sandwich gained a reputation as a cutting-edge underground zine during its print run in the 1980s. The online version continues the TS tradition, with some of the finest alternative writing to be found on the net.

Tintern Abbey: The On-Line Journal of Contemporary Poetry
A journal of quality literary poetry. Debut issue 10/1/98, theme: "The October Project." Featured Poet: Charlee Jacob, plus autumnal poetry by some of the finest poets on the net today. Submissions welcome, but please visit our guidelines page for list of future themes and submission instructions before sending your work for consideration.

Titan Dome -- Poetics and Praxis
Where editors and poets discuss the nature and purpose of poetry and things related.

The TP's
Sparks from a different fire. Poets from around the world, speak in a single language.

The Trail Companion
The Trail Companion is the quarterly newsletter of the Trail Center, a nonprofit dedicated to volunteer opportunities on trails and in parks throughout the San Francisco Peninsula and South Bay Area. We feature poetry and short prose on wilderness, nature and human-powered recreation in the outdoors in each issue. Please see our website and submission guidelines for complete information.

To Ponder Life
This is a great site to post your poetry or read poetry that has been posted by others. We also have forums for riddles, progressive stories, and irish blessings/toasts. So come join our community of poets and share your gift.

Transparent Words
Transparent Words, is an on-line and paper magazine, publishing innovative poetry.

The Underground Poets Society
African American Poetry at its finest and a Tri-annual Poetry Contest. This society showcases the talent of today and the future from poets all over the world! Come see for yourself!

The Unknown Writer
Web site for The Unknown Writer magazine. See site for excerpts, guidelines, latest news. We welcome poetry, art, fiction submissions.

Unlikely Stories: A Collection of Literary Art
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Verses International Amateur Poetry Contest
This is an ongoing contest for everyone. It's the Verses International poetry contest. You can win $100 and get published.

Violence Begins at Home
A website dedicated to increasing awareness of domestic abuse and lifting the veil of silence from this this silent killer featuring short stories, art and poetry. Your submissions are encouraged.

The Virtual Compendium
A literary playground for writers of all kinds.

VOiCE Home Page
The VOiCE is an independent non-profit monthly publication featuring the art, poetry, photography, and writing of as many different people as I can fit between the covers."

Voices is an idea for helping the poets of the web express their creativity and talents. It is a themed poetry page, with three current themes. Submissions are accepted and will be posted on the themed pages. When the current themes are closed, voting will take place to rank each poem for each theme. Then, three more themes will go up. Stop by and send in your poems!

Vowel Movement, A 'Pataphysical Journal
A journal of absurdist literature and art, Vowel Movement is seeking contributions of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, art, and photography. Anything genuinely funny, outrageous, avant garde, or cutting-edge will be considered.

Wandering Minds Inc.
A gallery of poetry, prose, essays, and short stories by amateur writers. We are ever looking for submissions!

Wang Zen
Wang Zen, home of Spoken Word, Poetry, and Digital Art.

Wasteland Magazine
Wasteland is an on line forum and publication for young adult writers. It consists of poetry and later on down the road will feature a message board, editorials and other stuff relating to teens and teen life. Always accepting submissions.

The Weekly Poem, Magazine of the Creative Arts
The Weekly Poem has currently suspended publication and is not accepting submissions at this time. It remains online as a digital artifact of a diverse group of poets and fiction writers, in addition to carrying art work and sounds.

Web magazine for Bulgarian Art and Literature

What Web - Mindful Poetry Zone
Active anthology evidencing the interchange between meditation & art, poetry & zen.

Whispers & Shouts
A paying market for poems, short fiction, essays, and opinion from both beginners and professional writers. Also features periodic contests. No longer being published, but old issues are archived.

Who's Who in Italy
A multidimensional range a large spectrum. A literary point of start to celebrate the new cybernetic knowledge and frontiers.

THE WICKED: a journal of words
The Wicked is an Illinois-based poetry publication which features over 30 poets and twice as many poems. The simple, 40 page chapbook-style zine is distributed for free (for a limited time) in bookstores, coffee houses & libraries around the country (Chicago, San Francisco & Los Angeles -- just to name a few cities).

Wild Poetry Forum
The Wild Poetry Forum welcomes writers one and all, from age 13 to ???, and encourages you to post your work on our message boards. There are now 9 message boards on the forum, one for each of the Muses of antiquity. Therefore, each board has it's own theme, appropriate for each muse. Before you post, however, we encourage you to read the rules. This is very important so we all know what is considered acceptable and what isn't. In order to maintain some semblance of order, every community needs rules; make no mistake about it, this IS a community, and we intend to keep it a friendly one. :-)

Wired Art from Wired Hearts
Wired Art from Wired Hearts is an eclectic e-zine featuring unique digital art, conceptual photography, surreal & intuitive art; twisted fiction, incredible poetry; satire, politics, human rights, more.

Wisconsin Poetry Online
Wisconsin poetry on the internet!

World of Poetry
A poetry site with guest poets, featured classic poet, posting forum, etc.

A World of Poetry
This site is dedicated to spreading the amazing world of poetry. Through exploring the many types and forms of poetry, you may find that it's not all that bad (or even better than you originally thought). Take a peek and maybe even submit your own poetry to be posted.

Writer's Block
The Writer's Block is a site for writers to publish their original, previously unpublished work. We hope our readers will find interesting material not available elsewhere and they will use the online e-mail form to contact writers with both their praise and their critical comments.

A Writer's Choice Literary Journal
A Writer's Choice Literary Journal includes many "how-to" articles for authors, as well as a wealth of other items of stimulation for the brain. We are dedicated to helping the writer and providing quality, thought provoking content for the reader.

A weekly e-zine that features a helpful hint for writers of fiction, poetry, and other such forms. With tips on grammar, references, resources, and the basics.

A Writing Chance
A place for new writers to present their work to a large audience, receive feedback and enter to win cash prizes. Never any fees for publication. Poetry, Short stories and non-fiction welcome. Stop by and read our latest entries.

X-Ray Book Co.
X-Ray Book Co. publisher of fine limited editions including X-Ray magazine and various broadsides, chapbooks & ephemera. Contributors have included Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, Billy Childish, Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Hubert Selby Jr., Robt. Williams, Jaime Hernandez, Dan Fante, Wanda Coleman, ruth weiss, Bern Porter, etc .. In the spirit of historic Small Press publishers Loujon Press, Black Sparrow and Wallace Berman's Semina editor Johnny Brewton continues to produce quality limited editions.

Young Authors Writing Club
YAWC is a writing club for kids ages 5-18; by kids ages 5-18. There, you can get your writings commented on/critiqued, get a job, make new friends, enter contests, participate in several club activities, and much more!

Zero City
Zero City publishes a dozen poets per issue, several poems per poet, along with a broadside with poems and graphics designed around a theme, provided by one or more contributors. ZC has published the well-known and the unknown, academic and underground, reflective and explosive writing. All back issues are archived on site.

A source of new poetry from various places.

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